$1000 Support an Orphanage in India

One orphanage in India had to close down due to lack of funds. For $1,000 a month a beautiful home awaits 70 dear children waiting to return.  We have a relationship with this ministry, home, and thriving church and invite you, your church, or homegroup to sponsor these beautiful 70 lives with Jesus’ love, hope, Christian education and job training.

$800 Chickens and Roosters

Provide a chickens & roosters for industrious friends in India to create a means of community sustainability and growth. This is a small business for a hard-working group of people that want to spread the gospel through provision.


$8 Blankets for Refugees

Blankets for Refugees

Only new blankets are allowed in Iraq and Syria. Winter is cold there. Give warmth this year.

$35 Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Child

For about $1 a day provide housing, food, clothing, healthcare and school tuition for a child. You will impact a life and bring fresh hope.

$10 Christmas for
a Child

Christmas for a Child

Bless a child in one of many nations who may only get 1 warm meal a year. They will receive a new toy for Christmas too.

$50 Free a Slave

Free a Slave

Give the gift of hope. Restore free and relocate those in sex trafficking in India.

$15 Feed Student Pastors

Feed Student Pastors

Student pastors in the Philippines need $15 a month for food. Your gift will encourage and nourish the body and spirit.

$50 Sponsor a Pastor

Sponsor a Pastor

Help subsidize a pastor for the first two years in the ministry as they teach a new congregation sowing and tithing.

$30 Refugees Care

Feed Refugees

Christians fleeing persecution need water and food to survive give life and hope for less than $5 a day. Read below what is included.

$150 Send a Pastor
to School

Send a Pastor to School

For only $150 a year you can send a pastor to school, this includes a place to live, food and tuition for 1 year in the Philippines.

$1,400 Build a Well

Build a Well

This will provide clean, safe drinking water, hygiene training and community development to believers. This is a strong witness to unbelievers also.

$500 Build a Church

Build a Church

Your church, homegroup, or friends can impact targeted areas in India by providing a building for training souls and discipleship. A memorial plaque with your choice of words will be installed in the building.

$$ Where Needed Most

Build a Church

EagleMissins has trusted and fruitful Network members with boots on the ground globally.  Often these are intense environs and need funds fast to make the largest, most strategic impact to expand the Kingdom.