Greetings and blessings from Bulgaria!
With this letter I want to update you about our ministry, life and the challenges we had these past months.

In January my wife and I had a trip to Parvomay –a small town about 50 miles (65) km from Stara Zagora to have a meeting with pastor Dancho and his wife Valia. We spent time with them and we were also able to hear how God was working in their church and area. Pastor Dancho was regional overseer for the region for many years but because of his bad health 5 years ago he pass the torch to another minister and focused on his local church. It is so blessed brethren to be in unity – this is why it was so difficult to spent just few hours together. But we believe that God will open more opportunities to serve and to be together.

In the past three months, we continued to travel and visit the church in the village of Yagoda. Once in the month we travel to this church
and encourage them. It is amazing how God is moving among these wonderful people despite the challenges and all the difficulties they face. More and more we are feeling connected with the people and the church and this is something only God can do!

In the last 3 months, we continued to distribute the Bibles, New Testaments and books we received from brothers from Greece. Some churches which hadn’t already Received the literature yet came and were blessed and some others to whom had already been distributed materials and needed more. Praise the Lord!

In January we hosted the last part of the Activate training. Again we had about 30 participants and we had a quality time of receiving and learning more about God and His Word! We really have been activated for Christ and for His Kingdom!

At the end of January, we had pastors meeting in Kermen. About 30 pastors and ministers from the region were gathered and we had an incredible time of sharing and encouraging each other. The topic of the meeting was: “The challenges of the pastors’ ministry”. We were very thankful to pastor Danco who hosted the meeting and provided a delicious supper for all of us!

In the middle of February, we hosted a 2-day meeting of the National council of the regional overseers (bishops) of Church of God. At the meeting, we had a training led by Wayne Neuper and Christoph Währer from Germany. The time we had together was really encouraging and recharging for all of us. Our brothers from Germany brought freshness and helped us see ourselves and the problems we are facing from a different point of view. We are very thankful for their time and ministry.

In March I visited the church in the village of Zmeevo. The church was founded 12 years ago from Pencho Charukov and it is still lead by him. Immediately after our Sunday service, we left for the village wherein 2.00 pm some of the children were gathered and they had a Bible lesson. In 3.00 pm the service for adults started and I had the privilege to share the Word of God and to encourage the congregation. After that we had time to pray for needs and after the prayer we heard many testimonies about released and people who were set free and how the pain was gone. I believe that God did something incredible there this afternoon despite the small congregation.

In the beginning of March, we visited the city of Burgas where we participated a two-day seminar organized by our National Overseer (Bishop) Stefan Dimitrov. He had special guests from USA – Steve Darnell and other brothers and had time of encouragement and receiving a good teaching about the Holy Spirit. The seminar was very intensive and we came back home very tired, but more importantly – very blessed.

At the end of March I had a course Hermeneutics at my program for MA of Theology. The whole time of the course with traveling and teaching was total 8 days. The Bulgarian group this time was the largest – 8 people and we had the responsibility to administrate the Sunday service. Some of our Bulgarian team members lead the worship and we had a presentation about Bulgaria as well. I had the privilege to share some words about Lord’s supper and offering and to lead the whole service. Also the course was amazing and the professor Chuck Sacket was incredible. We were really blessed from this course and the time we had together.

Thank you for your support and prayers

We continue to need and we appreciate your support and encouragement.
Without it, we cannot continue to go forward with our mission. We ask for your

support in three ways:

1. Pray for us – Nothing can substitute your prayers!
2. Share our story with anyone you think might be interested in
this ministry.
3. Contribute – We cannot do this ministry without financial