Dear Donors and Partners,

My name is Nathan Plowman and I am the project manager for the Mission Base project in Moravian Falls. I am writing this letter to update everyone involved as to where the project is at currently and where we hope to be soon. First I would like to thank all those who have given their time, money and prayers to this project. We very much appreciate you joining with us in this very exciting project and look forward to the day when it is completed and we begin to see young people going out into all the world from this base. Secondly I would like to apologize for not updating everyone sooner as so many things have happened since I joined this project last year.

As many of you know this project had been halted for several years and was only revived last year by the vision and efforts of Tom Hardiman and Jorge Parrott. Since then we have had several challenges locating plans, contacting architects and engineers, working with the county to get the building repermitted, etc… We also had a good look at the building’s design and spent quite a bit of time to make sure that we were utilizing the space as effectively as possible. This led to quite a bit of back and forth between us and the architects and engineers. We finally were able to decide on a few changes to the original plans which gave us more usable space and a coffee bar in the main foyer.  All these challenges and changes were time consuming but important and finally overcome and we moved into phase one of our construction which was to reinforce and complete the exterior of the building. Because the building had sat unattended for several years the wood siding had begun to suffer and was in danger of needing replacing. With the help of several MFM churches and their volunteers we were able to stain and seal all the siding and save it from further damage. We also completed all the stone work on the lower section of the building, finished all the interior metal framing that was needed to complete our final structural inspection and do some much needed clean up and landscaping.

Just before Christmas last year we completed all the exterior work and are now ready to begin the interior work. Within the next several months we will be framing all the interior walls, completing the plumbing for the bathrooms, running all the electrical and dry walling. As the weather gets warmer we will be building the two decks that side the building. This is only part of what we need to get done to complete the structure and get our certificate of occupancy before the end of this year. We do hope to be well on the way towards this goal by this summer and we hope to be able to be functional enough to begin using the building for the
MorningStar Wilkesboro church.

In order to complete this work from this point we still need a lot of help. We need a significant amount of money to bring this project forward and we are also looking for donated supplies and skilled volunteers. If you have any questions regarding this mission base feel free to contact Jorge Parrott at

Respectfully, Nathan Plowman