Dear friends and collaborators in the Great Commission:

The Passover has arrived. And we have much to be grateful for and hope for: Our redeemer lives. Thank you for being aware of us and the work of the Lord. This week, with the support of Tearfund and the Micah network, we had the opportunity to organize a retreat with pastors and their families, working in contexts of great violence and insecurity. We had a lovely time to strengthen our relationship and understand what “Teamwork” means as a family and as a church.

Susy and the children are in the final stage of the School this year and we are planning a mission trip to raise funds at the end of May. Please pray for new doors to open to have more partners that contribute to different needs including:

    1. More committed in prayer for the work.
    2. More donors to help the scholarship program in Doulos. We need support for more students in the amount of $ 30 per month per student with limited resources.
    3. For resources to cover the payment of the acquisition fee of the Building for Doulos. We only need a little more than 2 years, but the fees are high and there are also staff salary commitments
    4. For people committed to supporting family support (we still need to cover approximately 40% of the stable form).

We have advanced in different initiatives in the work including:

    • Preaching and evangelization to young people.
    • Training to parents of adolescents in Mayan and urban mestizo communities.
    • Formation of pastors for action against violence from the Church.
    • Counseling and restoration of young people and their families.
    • Training of young mentors to improve their economic opportunities and their life projects.
    • Direct prevention of suicides, alcohol and drug consumption, violence and teen pregnancy.

Susy has an appointment at the US Embassy on May 1. Our children have not been accepted in the education system in Guatemala. Although they have Guatemalan citizenship, they must study with the US curriculum even though they do not have American citizenship. So we keep looking for options in the long term. And meanwhile, we will start in June with the school system at home. Please pray for this new change.

Ivan y Susy (Berberian) Monzon, Stevie, Sofi, Damaris, Marcos.