We are so blessed and thankful for you, our Prayer and Financial Partners and with all our missionaries, friends and volunteers working faithfully to win souls and disciple the saints around the world in our CMM Global Family.
We had a super busy month in May at the Cmm homeoffice in Fort Mill South Carolina. We welcome new missionaries who are great folks lovers of Jesus.  Their names are Christian and Norman Rivas. They are from California and we are so happy that they’re here. They’re full of energy and vibrancy and hungry for more of the glory of the Lord.
On May 5 we welcome Mayor Benny Kashriel from Israel in the contested area of Israel along with the Goodwill Ambassador from Israel, Earl Cox. Bart Peacher was our cosponsor with this with ItistimeIsrael.org, part of the CMM family.
We were very busy preparing for graduation of CMM College Theology 12th annual graduating class on May 13. Dean Dr. Nancy Daniel leads the excellent teamwork of our faculty including Dr. Charlotte Jordaan and hard-working teammates including Ganbold and Ishi Noosov.  Ganbold made an amazing graduation video, viewable on www.cmmtheology.org We are thankful to many volunteers who all pitched in to make this a life long memorable celebration.
We had twenty-five of our graduates attending out of the graduating class of forty-five receiving Degrees, from Associates, Bachelors, Graduate, Masters, Doctoral and Ph.D. degrees. We are now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 school year.
It was a wonderful graduation ceremony with over 100 people in attendance.  We had ninety-seven at the awards dinner afterward and that was catered by Bart Peacher from Peacher‘s BBQ.  We enjoyed delicious prime rib and chicken.  Everything was very delicious.  It was a lot of fun at the awards ceremony and then to dinner with lots of fellowship of our graduates and families meeting each other along with many friends.
Then on the 18th, we went to Ecuador with our great friends and hosts there in Quito, Drs. Gustavo and Andrea Cadena. It was an amazing and wonderful time in the Lord and all he is doing in Ecuador.
We visited many churches and met many new and old dear friends there that are so hungry for the Lord. There was an overflowing abundance of love in the atmosphere of all these different groups in churches and groups. There is great unity there of how they work together so well.  The Holy Spirit was strong and sweet in each meeting. There was a lot of revelation and prophetic words flowing at every session.
Two of the doctoral graduates were from Residencia, Argentina. They traveled for many hours to come there. We were really impressed with all of the graduates and how they had lived out there or thesis papers this year. Many of them had to overcome personal, family and financial challenges but they pressed through and finished strong. There were 16 graduates at our CMM Facultad de Theologia.
Gustavo and Andrea do an amazing job and we must say we see them as the pillars of Ecclesia in Ecuador. They do amazing work across diverse ministries and connecting many people. They host tours and Teams regularly from the US. Andrea who is spending a month in Hawaii training with the Haggai Institute. She won a scholarship due to her experience,  calling and anointing.

CMM welcomes and hosts the USA visit of a popular Mayor in Israel accompanied by the Israeli Ambassador

We are blessed to have been asked to host the USA Welcome of a popular Mayor in Israel, some say the oldest mayor in all of Israel. He will be arriving in Charlotte and met by an Israeli Ambassador and brought to the CMM.World Headquarters for an online meeting. Mayor Benny Kashriel of Ma’ale Adumim located in Judea in what the world calls the “disputed territories.”

Mayor Benny Kashriel of Ma’ale Adumim located in Judea in what the world calls the “disputed territories.” Open the link below to read about him.

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