Mary’s Cancer Treatments:

Most of you may know that when Mary’s oncologist saw that her few remaining tumors were NOT shrinking, she was removed from the trailing group, and it was learned that one of her medications was a placebo. So– to eradicate those last three persistent tumors, Mary was put on radiation and over three weeks time did thirteen days of treatment. She is shown at right ringing the bell after her last round of radiation.

Our daughter, Maureen, was with her mother that day and was able to capture this glimpse of their two “happy”; faces, celebrating the end of radiation.

Two side effects (both actually predicted by the radiologist) have been noticeable. 1) Mary has been quite tired. One night she slept a record 15 hours (only up briefly to answer the phone) Since then, sleeping fewer hours, and she is doing better as time goes on. 2) She has had a cough and has coughed up some blood because the remaining, targeted spots were all on her lungs. This also is getting better.

We just found out that her CAT scan and assessment by the doctors will be on May first, so we have a while to wait before we have that long-awaited assessment.

Translation & Other News:

Meanwhile, I (Russ) continue working toward the goal of doing exegetical checking of my next 2000 verses. I am now working on Hebrews, concentrating not only on “accuracy checking” in light of Greek and other versions but also on sorting out important " key terms" expression. Am also working on added those passages from Exodus, which, as it turns out, did NOT get included in the Mini-Bible publication in 2015-16. I started re-examining our additional Exodus passages when I began working on advisor-checking Hebrews. (There’s even more from Exodus to be completed at some other time.)

Buhutu Team Working in Papua New Guinea

[below] Working with mentor Greg Bania, Buhutu Translation Training Course [TTC] participants and others are A) working on their Old Testament assignments from 1 Samuel, and B) Doing community checking of NT verses from 2018.

Music Ministry

[above living room of our house at Ipouli] With initial seed money from my Aunt Lela Mowat’s memorials the Buhutu Music Ministry Team purchased additional equipment, and have formulated their goals for 2019. Additional gifts also came in at the end of 2018; they are raising funds to match them. With these funds, Lord willing, they should be able to acquire a portable power supply, cables, microphones, mixer, and the like. A word of thanks from the Music Group to you and to those who are also contributing and supporting the Music and Song Writing Ministry in Buhutu:

“We will start this thing here in Buhutu & ’til all churches in Buhutu language speaking area are singing and praising God in our own heart language in every church, family and individual in the Buhutu area. The next plan is to reach out to other neighboring languages and involve them in this Ministry so that they also can be praising God, singing in their own heart languages.”

Charlie Modewa’s study program: [rt] For over 10 years, Charlie Modewa has been the Literacy specialist for the Buhutu team. More recently he has been looking after one of our 9 elementary schools (Grades K thru 2). Now, in 2018, he completed his EFL Teacher Training Certificate of Participation at Alotau under YWAM’s University of the Nations extension program (out of Kona, Hawaii).