I am pastor Eli Detuya.
I started the ministry as a pioneering work in Cabadbaran city Philippines, together with my wife who is also a pastor. We are working together in the ministry with my four children.
     As we start in the ministry we rented a house to be our worship center. we transfer from one place to another until such time that God answer our prayer to have a church lot. God connects us to a disabled man (having only one hand) God touch the heart of this man to offer his lot for the church in an installment payment.It is a great blessing for us since we will pay it monthly. By this time we already paid the whole amount of the land and we have now our dead of sale.
   I believe having a church building will bring great impact to the ministry. My desire is to have church building even it’s just simple but presentable for the people to come to pray and worship God.
My Vision is to bring people into Christ and bring them back to its potential for the Glory of God. To reach children, young people, and adult, even students, farmers, businessman, professional. It is so good seeing them come and entering the church that soon to arise in the church lot and this is one of my dreams or vision this year.
From the past years, I’m always PRAYING to have a church building because I’m like a man fishing and every time I catch a fish I have no proper place to gather them to be developed to produce more fish out from them. I am asking God to have a church building and also to have someone to be our partner to help me build the church building in our place for every people that save can be more comfortable to worship,nurture, and be a disciple of Jesus doing signs and wonders.
    I came to you Pastor Jorge knocking the door of your heart to please help me build our church. I Pray that God will mightily touch your Generous heart to help us to be materialized our desire of having a church building.
   Upon this message are the attached photo of the land, the proposal church building, the material needed and cost.
Thank you very much for your time and for being with us,
God bless you more
Hope to hear from you …..
Pastor Eli Q.Detuya
Cabadbaran City, Philippines