We lead youth service with some other guys so we need to stay till late. Last week Rafal was preaching about Father’s love and many people were touched. There is such a need among young people to know the love of God.
Rafal also started going out to the streets on Fridays to share the gospel and pray for the sick. Even last week one couple came to our flat and asked for a prayer to get pregnant. The man’s mum goes to our church and she told him about our miracle. So they were encouraged and came for us to pray for them. We also have new neighbors in front of us, the man is from Mexico and the woman from Nicaragua. She has 2 girls from another relationship. We are about to meet in our flat and we believe it will be time to tell them about many things about Jesus. We went once to their flat to pray for his mum and now we want to share more testimonies with them. She used to go to the church in her country but we don’t know what happened. 
The house of prayer goes very well, we keeping on meeting once a month plus prayers during the week at home. We focus a lot on God’s presence. We do also worship night every 2-3 months and started seeing more hunger in people. Our church started planting other churches in other towns close to Seville. Our very good friends have just started a church. Rafal was helping them with renovation in the local area and within a few weeks, we will be helping during the official opening for the people from this town. It is really exciting seeing how the church is extending its mission.
I am writing the stories for Hanna for different ages.😊 I am looking forward to reading them to her. This summer we will be going to Poland and we are so excited to present Hanna to the whole family and to the church. Besides, since last summer we couldn’t go we miss everyone. 
Once again thank you for your prayers and support. We bless in the name of Jesus. 
With love
Justyna, Rafal, and Hanna