We all send you happy Easter holiday as we all rejoice that our Lord
Jesus is raised to raise us in all we had fallen in our weakness but
he is able to rise again all in the power God gave him.

Thank you for the continuous prayer you do join us,we receive in cash
9  bags of cement and more pledges in our fundraising I informed you
over the face book last week.

We have made more 3200 more bricks yet to be baked any time this is
done by the volunteer’s church member.

Next, we are soon going to use various children to use the performer
to collect funds in streets, markets, supermarket gates and in
government and private offices, this performer system we used it some
years back and we realized positive collection.

We applied for electricity to run the machine and we were granted
electricity and the poll has been installed at the project site and in
few weeks the power connection shall be on

Be blessed all.
Pr John Othieno
CMM Uganda