Greetings from Destiny worship center ministries Uganda, I would love to share our testimonies with you and CMM because God is doing amazing things here.
Yesterday in our mid-week service, God delivered 3 ladies who have been worshipping with one of the preeminent false pastors in our nation. These ladies visited the false pastor in search of marriage, peace, and children. But to there surprise after the prayers, they started dreaming snakes, having sexual intercourse, snakes chasing them and bitting them. These ladies say since visiting this church, they hated attending any church again because since then they have lived in pain, agony, and fear. but blessed be the name of the Lord, after praying for these ladies, they got their deliverance after 3 hours of prayer. This morning they called me and informed me that for the first time in two years, yesterday’s night was the first time, they didn’t dream about snakes. We give God all the glory and honor.
Ps Jackson kerejji
Destiny worship center ministries Namutumba Uganda.