Tears shed for self are tears of weakness, but tears shed for others are a sign of strength.”

Dearest Friends,

We are again living in extremely difficult times for our country, with yearly inflation of 54%, the dollar jumping unpredictably and of course, the costs have soared continually these last months. We have Presidential elections at the end of this month, which may further complicate things until the next government tries to navigate this complicated inheritance. Sadly, both main candidates are not prolifers. As Evangelical Christians we are uniting, praying publicly and marching; even so, tough times are here as also in many parts of the world.

So, what is ahead?

We are blessed to be working in the ministry as a family. As Sam Chand writes, “Inheritance is what you will leave behind; legacy is who you will leave behind. It’s important to plan for both.” With Humberto, we are working and planning towards these two sides of the coin, on both inheritance and legacy.

As to the what, we are gradually putting all our teaching and training material onto the Internet so anybody anywhere who speaks Spanish can use these materials for free. We are preparing a new website for this specific outreach, the written and spoken word for many to use (we have over 50 different materials). I have also started a Facebook page with teaching material for pastors and leaders, called Liderazgo Todoterreno.

As to the who, we are multiplying our efforts not only in our children but in leaders and pastors in our city. Our son Ariel is a university professor, but prepares Christian audios and teaching material for use on our pastoral Facebook, our educational Facebook and other media. Sebastian is a youth pastor, worship leader and is involved in the youth leadership in our city. Nathalie works as church administrator, and also as the Pastoral Council Secretary, in which we regularly involve around 150 pastors in our city, with training videos and fellowship. Humberto is also traveling to Buenos Aires (our capital) several times a year to meet with the national pastors of our country as part of emergency meetings concerning our country. Humberto and I meet regularly with secular and Christian leaders, being part of what can be done these days.

We need your support and your prayers more than ever, that in these difficult times the light may shine even stronger! If you are not a monthly giver, consider a one-time gift towards our work here, where it will make a huge difference for Christ in Argentina! As Billy Graham writes, our tears for others are a sign of strength.

Be blessed,- Humberto and Evelyn Jiménez-Saint

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