Ministry Update

Church Planting Ministry: Praise the Lord we have received $300 for church shed. Church member’s contribution is around $150 that covers for fencing. Now we need around $500 for brick, cement, rod and other accessories. Kindly pray with us for $500 to complete the church house.

Our school children who received the award for Scholarship Exam 2016. Received certificate and money in Sept 2017

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Ministry Update

June – August 2017

Since last June Bangladesh has been suffering from Cyclone MORA, Devastating Floods and the influx of Rohingya Refugee from Myanmar.


  1. Thousands of people around Chittagong and Cox’sbazar are still homeless and suffering from food, clothes and primary aid affected by cyclone MORA.
  2. About 600,000 of people of around 20 districts affected by recent flood. They have no house, foods and other primary needs.

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