We thank God for opening doors for us to proclaim His Gospel and teach in different fields for the spiritual growth of our brethren. Since the beginning of the year, we have been traveling to different places in Bolivia. Between July and August, we visited two rural areas; first to see the local leaders and also to visit pastors and advise them as they face different problems.
“Viña” is a place of fertile soil and produces a lot of crops. In this area there we have many small churches. Our church there aspires to become a megachurch, they are trying to build a chapel for 800 people. What they lack is a pastor, and this is a big need for them. For places like this, we are recording messages and bible studies on video, in order to help them. These materials are in Quechua and in Spanish.
“San Julian” at the east of Santa Cruz, near the place where we have the most devastating fires of our history to this moment, we had Bible workshops with Jaime Jr. teaching the youth and me with the adults. This was a blessed time, we had like 150 people, and 5 people accepted the Lord as Savior.
This area is depressed in a different way, in order to produce their crops, the brethren usually get loans from the bank, because they don’t have the equipment or the resources to do their work on these big pieces of land. If there is a bad season or some kind of plague, the crops are ruined and they are in debt with the bank, which is the case too frequently.
Here in Cochabamba, we always have opportunities to preach in the local churches. Jaime Jr. also keeps the ministry of teaching in the Rural Bible Institute. In this way we keep busy and the Lord opens the doors for our work.
Prayer Requests:
  1. Karen needs to have surgery on her nose. This is programmed for the end of the year when she is done with the college classes. This is an expensive surgery so we pray for the Lord provision for it.
  2. I also need another surgery on my foot. It seems my injury a year and a half ago with a grinder hasn’t been totally cured. So please pray for my health too.
  3. Please keep the Bible Institute in your prayers, there is a possibility that the denomination will need to sell the piece of land where the institute is stationed, and there’s the need for another place. It might move further from the city, which will make our work more difficult due to the distance.
  4. Please pray for the brethren around San Julian, that the Lord will give them a way to be more independent and free from debt to the bank.
  5. For some months we’ve been having fires in our country, the most serious has been the one in the Amazon area (Near San Julian as we shared before). We have lost a lot of jungle. This fires are not totally controlled yet although due to fact that we had some rain, are starting to cease. But we have also had fires in the mountains of Cochabamba, not too close to be dangerous, but the smoke and ashes are not harmless either. Please pray that we won’t have more fires.
  6. Please pray for our country, on the 20th of this month we will have president elections. Many Bolivians us included would like a change in government, but our current president will do whatever he can even cheat to stay in the power. We ask the Lord to have mercy of us and deliver us from this ruler.
We thank you for your prayers and involvement in our ministry, may God return you more than multiplied. Yours in Christ, Jaime Sr.