Dear friends & family in the Lord:

Receive our love and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Once again I take the opportunity to write and share with you some news and also concerns and prayer requests.

We have been very busy, specially my father traveling everywhere in our country, visiting churches and pastors. This is the ministry which he has been appointed to do.

In many occasions I join him to visit some churches and either preach or train some of our fellow servants in the Vine of the Lord. We recently went to a place called “Totoral” in the department (State) of Oruro. It is in the zone where we have tin mines. We had some very blessed days sharing a conference and training the brethren about the “True Gospel”. The hard part was that there was no running water or bathrooms in this village. So you can understand that we didn’t have some of the commodities like taking a bath or the privacy of a rest room. This was really challenging for me, since I think I got used to have this almost everywhere we have traveled lately. But it also strengthens your faith and spirit to be able to serve in such rough environment, because I particularly appreciated more the effort of the first missionaries in Bolivia who faced these contingencies and spread the Gospel in our country with sacrifice. On the positive side of the trip, we were able to encourage the believers there and maybe in a way gave them fresh spiritual food. Some of them shared with me that since they don’t have a pastor, they struggle to grow and learn the Bible. It was sad to find out that they don’t have access to literature or the radio stations that are supposed to be capable of reaching these areas. So they are thirsty for good Bible teaching. They wanted us to stay longer, but in the best Bolivian style we needed to come home quickly because there were blockades threats on the roads, and it’s not good to be stuck in the mountains on cold weather and without supplies and a good sleeping bag.

I’m now serving in a more or less medium size church in the city of Cochabamba. Besides preaching and helping with the youth group I’ve been asked to lead the worship team. As many of you know I’ve been involved with music ministry for many years, but not as the leader, so this is a challenge for me. Specially because I have to practice more and also get some more musical equipment to do this task. What is encouraging is that I have a small but very committed team of young people who love the Lord and are willing to work on many areas of the church. For example this October the 18th we will have a fund raiser; a program in the church where some snacks and meals will be offered while we and other musicians play during the evening. The funds will be used to help the ministry of a Bolivian missionary family in the jungle who work witnessing to a local tribe there. This is such a joy for me because we encourage the church to fulfill the Lord’s command and minister to this fellow missionary at the same time. I find very important to teach the local church to use its own resources to spread the Gospel, even if it is in a small proportion.

We also need your prayers for our country. This Sunday October the 12th we have presidential elections. For many years we have been asking the Lord to remove our current government, but by changing our laws and through cheating they have managed to stay in power and now they are willing to be on the government for the third time in a row. We as believers pray for a non communist government but summit to the Lord’s will. So please keep us in your prayers because each time he is elected again he strengthens more his position against believers.

Prayer requests:
• For the upcoming presidential elections.
• For wisdom as we preach and train believers in other areas of Bolivia.
• For the Lord’s guidance as my father ministers to fellow pastors.
• For the Lord’s grace serving on the worship team.
• For the Lord’s protection and provision as we serve on a socialist country.

Nothing else by now, we send our constant gratitude for your prayers, involvement and participation in the ministry in Bolivia. May the Lord return you more that multiplied.

For all the Torricos, yours in Christ, Jaime Jr.