Dear friends and supporters:

Warmest greetings from Ocean Part, Maine! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Starr and I completed our trip to Bolivia last month and then took several weeks to get up here to Maine where we now live. We stopped and visited family and friends while driving up from Miami, Florida where we had landed on April 11. It took us until last week to get here–hence the delay in getting this update out to you.

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Dear friends and supporters:

We send you greetings from Sucre, Bolivia! We trust and pray that you are all well. Since we wrote you last we have been exceedingly busy. If anyone thinks that being a missionary might be boring, we have found it to be the opposite: there is never a dull moment!

Every year I try to get alone with the Lord over the 24-hour period of Yom Kippur to receive what the Lord wants to show me for our ministry for the coming year. In this I have tried to follow the example of Bob Jones and Bobby Conner, only on a much more limited basis–to receive from the Lord guidance for our own ministry. This year I was not disappointed. I received that it is time to look for “the ancient paths,” as brought out in Jeremiah 18:15: “Because My people hath forgotten Me, they have burned incense to vanity, and they have caused them to stumble in their ways from the ancient paths, to walk in paths, in a way not cast up….” This is also brought out in Jeremiah 6:16, where “old paths” are translated from the same words as “ancient paths” in the previous verse quoted here. Jeremiah 6:16 reads: “Thus saith the Lord, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls.” I understood by these verses that the Lord is leading Starr and me to focus in the coming year on basic things in our ministry to the Bolivians. For us the “basic things” include teaching on the five ministries (listed in Ephesians 4:11) that God is restoring and raising up. And our role is to train and equip them to function in the body (see Ephesians 4:12, NKJV and ESV, as well as other modern translations).

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Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings from Sucre, Bolivia! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Starr and I have been back in Bolivia since August 10. So much has been happening that it almost seems as if we have been back longer.

We stayed in Santa Cruz (where we had landed in Bolivia in our return flight from the U.S.) for several days before flying on to Sucre, where we live. While there we met with Pastor Samuel Condarco, who is heading up the planning for a big event in early January 2015. He has invited a team who are involved with the revival in Toronto, Canada (known as the Toronto Blessing) to come down again to Bolivia. They were here at the beginning of March of this year and in a previous Bolivia Report we had shared what a great blessing they were in our lives. Starr and I will be involved in this upcoming event with the Toronto team coming here again. This time the event is being planned exclusively for pastors and leaders from different cities in Bolivia.

My wife and I finally got back to our home in Sucre on Thursday, August 14. Right afterwards I came down with a fierce cold that had me in bed for a couple of days. On the following Monday a couple of young men came to see us and talk with us concerning a 2 1/2 month long training program that is being put on by a ministry from Bogota, Colombia. Starr and I know the leader of that ministry and appreciate what he is doing to train Christians to be active and effective missionaries wherever the Lord sends them.

On Wednesday night, August 20 we restarted our weekly prayer meeting at a church around the corner from where we live. The next morning we started our weekly prayer/teaching meetings again that we have been holding in our home since shortly after moving to Sucre in 2011. Now we have decided to include basic teaching to help put a solid, Biblical foundation in people’s lives that will help them be ready for the revival we believe is now starting to come. I ministered at a Charismatic church on Sunday, August 24.

Starr went back for the first time after our trip to the meeting of women intercessors (mostly pastors’ wives) she has been attending on Tuesday, August 26. She loves to attend these weekly meetings for prayer and fellowship. That same week the two of us met with a couple of sisters who came over separately for counsel concerning struggles going on in their lives.

On Sunday, August 31, I preached at a church near our home and then was interviewed the same afternoon on a local Christian television program put on by a young man we have known since coming to Sucre three years ago.

The first week in September continued with the same meetings we had already been having for prayer. On Saturday, September 6, I attended a morning prayer meeting for men (especially pastors). At the meeting I passed out copies and shared about a prophecy that a prophet in the U.S. had received last May for God’s people in Bolivia. The following day, Sunday, September 7, I preached again at the church around the corner from where we live. The theme that the Lord had given me was that the church in Bolivia is now entering a new season; it is time for the “latter rain” (see Hosea 6:1-3).

On Wednesday night, September 10 a group of our friends had a surprise party for me at one of their homes. Since Starr and I had been in the U.S. at the time of my birthday, they hadn’t been able to hold it for me earlier and decided to do it now. I was quite surprised and overwhelmed!! What a blessing! The next day, Thursday, besides having our weekly prayer and teaching meeting in our home, a couple of young men came over in the early evening to start up our classes again that I had been holding for them earlier in the year.

On Friday, September 12 I flew to La Paz and stayed there until Wednesday, September 17. I had gone for the purpose of meeting with the association of pastors in La Paz (as well as to have one of my toenails looked at and treated by a dermatologist we know). In the meeting with these pastors on Saturday morning, September 13 I shared the same prophecy about Bolivia I had shared with pastors in Sucre the week before. While in the city I ministered to a home church started by a precious pastor friend of ours who has a couple of churches in Cali, Colombia, but who comes to Bolivia often to raise up a new work in La Paz. I also ministered about the “latter rain” at the church of some dear friends of ours on Sunday, September 14. Meanwhile, on that same weekend Starr was involved in a small conference in a church in Sucre.

On Monday night, September 15, at a gathering of people who love Israel (and for whom I am considered to be a pastor/counselor), I taught about the new covenant under which we Christians are to live. On Wednesday of that same week I flew back to Sucre from La Paz, in time to hold the weekly prayer/teaching meeting in our home the next day. I also began attending the nightly meetings of a visiting Messianic Jew who was in town teaching about the end times. His teachings extended into the next week.

On Thursday, September 25, after the weekly meeting in our home, I flew back to La Paz to spend another week there, this time to meet with gatherings of pastors from different parts of the city and also with pastors in another city nearby. With them I shared the prophecy for Bolivia from the brother in the U.S., as well as another prophecy from Cindy Jacobs regarding a powerful revival coming to Bolivia. It was a rewarding time for me. I also ministered in the same home church and in the same regular church, in both of which I had ministered on my previous visit to La Paz this same month.

Starr joined me in La Paz on Monday, September 29. We flew back home to Sucre just yesterday, October 2. Because of a very early flight, as well as having been so busy on this trip, we just about fell into bed yesterday after getting back home. The whole trip was exceedingly rewarding.

We want to thank each of you once again for your prayers for us. For those of you who contribute to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, we are very grateful. Thank you so very much!!

PRAYER REQUEST: For the revival that seems to be beginning here in Bolivia, that the Lord will give the leaders the wisdom and the anointing to teach the Biblical truths needed to give us His orientation for what He purposes to do.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon each of you and upon the members of your families.

In His love,

John & Starr
Sucre, Bolivia

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings! We pray and trust that you are all well.

We have been back in the U.S. visiting since early May with our return flight to Bolivia to take place a week from now. This has been a refreshing time and a season that has brought some surprises. The month of June started with the annual MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries retreat, beginning Sunday evening, the 1st, with a dinner and continuing until Wednesday night, the 4th. This was a time to see old friends and make some new ones, as well as to listen to some anointed speakers.

Following the retreat we drove up to Starr’s brother’s house in Connecticut, where we arrived on Friday night, June 6. Saturday morning we spent with him and then drove over to spend Saturday night at my father’s house near Cape Cod, Massachusetts on our way up to southern Maine. We spent three weeks in Ocean Park, a small community south of Portland where we go annually to spend time by ourselves at a family cottage. We look forward to our time there where we can change our routine, get rested up, and do some different things. I personally enjoy this time to seek the Lord in a fresh way.

During our stay there each year we are glad to be able to fellowship at the Ogunquit Baptist Church, which is a little over a half hour away by car. On Sunday, June 15 we shared a brief report of what we have been doing in Bolivia over the past year. Then the pastor and others prayed for us.

Almost the whole time we were in Maine this year the weather was very pleasant–sunny and warm–for which we were very glad. After leaving Ocean Park, Starr and I drove up to Rockport to visit our good friends, Mike and Vicki Fletcher. We left Maine on Monday, June 30 to drive back down to see my father.

We ended up staying almost three weeks to be with him. As of October of last year he has his own apartment in an assisted living facility where he now lives. This is several miles away from his home where we stayed and which we were continuing to prepare so it can be put on the market to sell. During that time, my brother Scott visited for about a week, during the first three days of which my other brother Gary took him, our father, and me out in his sailboat for a short cruise.

While I was on the water with them, Starr spent time with our friends Tish and Al Jay, who live a short distance away from my father’s house. During the three weeks in the area, she and I also saw and visited with some other good friends, David and Annalou Jehle, several times. David is our official videographer; he again made one short and one longer DVD presentation of what we are doing in our ministry in Bolivia. He edited both of them and made some excellent DVD copies for us to pass out or send to interested people.

While on the Massachusetts South Shore, Starr and I enjoyed fellowshipping at The New Testament Church of Cedarville, pastored by Dr. Paul Jehle. Every year while visiting my father, we enjoy being able to attend services and see friends at that church. We also had the joy of leading two of my father’s old friends to the Lord!

Starr and I started our long drive back down the east coast on Friday, July 18, with our first stop back at her brother’s house in Connecticut. We next made our way down to southern New Jersey to visit the congregation of Pastors Steve and Carol Burton in Swedesboro. They are friends we made last year at the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries retreat. Pastor Steve asked us to stand up and greet his people at their Sunday morning service.

By Tuesday afternoon, July 22 we arrived at Rodney and Laureen Daw’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our friendship with Rodney goes back to 1995, when we came to know him at MorningStar Fellowship Church in Charlotte. At the Daws’ this night we were joined by another friend, Linda Morrissey, and we had a great time of eating together and fellowshipping that night.

The next day in the afternoon we drove down to spend Wednesday night with some special new friends we have made on this trip–Dr. Bill and Ellie Hurst. It was through the DeHaans that we had met the Hursts in May. This night we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Bill, Ellie, and with our good friends Michael and Ophelia Webb, who live not too far away and could come over.

Starr and I drove the rest of the way down to Jacksonville, Florida on Thursday, July 24. We then went down and spent several days with my brother Scott at his and his wife’s home near Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Returning from there back to Jacksonville, we were able on Wednesday night, July 30 to attend the mid-week fellowship dinner at New Day JAX, a congregation we enjoy attending when we are in town each year.

A week from now we fly back to Bolivia on Saturday night, August 9 and arrive in the city of Santa Cruz on Sunday morning, the 10th. From there we plan to fly on to Sucre a day or two later.

We want to thank each of you once again for your prayers for us. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you so much!!

CONTINUING PRAYER REQUEST: For my father’s salvation.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr
Jacksonville, Florida

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings to all of you! We pray and trust that you are all well.

Since writing to you last we have been very busy. Starr and I had been invited to participate in a Christian retreat to be held in a rural resort between the cities of Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, Bolivia in early March. We decided to do it. The main speakers at the retreat were a team from the Toronto Blessing in Canada. The leaders of this group were assistant pastors and worship leaders at the church in Toronto where a powerful revival broke out in January 1994 and is continuing to this day (although in a different building). Starr and I, perhaps like some of you, had heard quite a bit about this revival over the years but we had never visited it. Therefore, we saw this retreat in Bolivia as a wonderful opportunity to meet leaders from the revival that started many years ago in Canada. We were not disappointed at all. The teachings and impartations we received were very, very good and we were greatly blessed.

Since we had traveled to Santa Cruz in order to go by bus to the retreat, we took advantage of our return to that city in order to visit the church we were helping there. It was a very profitable time seeing how it was doing, and I preached and taught while we were there.

Before returning to Sucre, Starr and I met with a pastor in Santa Cruz who had met the team from Toronto and wanted to have them come back by the end of the year or in the beginning of 2015 to teach at a large conference for pastors and leaders from all over Bolivia. My wife and I want to help with this as we are able.

After we returned from the retreat and our time in Santa Cruz, the following weekend there was a conference in Sucre at one of the major churches. I had been asked to speak in it on Saturday afternoon–which I felt honored to do.

Starr has continued to participate on Tuesday afternoons as she is able in a gathering of women intercessors led by the wife of the pastor of one of the larger Assemblies of God church in Sucre. She is really enjoying her involvement in this.
I have continued my discipleship classes for young people on Wednesday afternoons, although sometimes there has only been one young man attending.

We have been holding Wednesday night prayer meetings in a church facility just around the corner from where we live. Leaders of that church, as well as a couple who pastor another church are coming.

On Thursday mornings every week we continue to meet with those who come to our home to pray for revival. Leaders and people from different churches come to join together in praying for revival in the churches of Bolivia. The same sister who is leading the group of women intercessors on Tuesdays is coming when she can to our prayer gathering on Thursday mornings.

At the beginning of April, Starr and I went back to visit the church in Santa Cruz that we have been helping. As I had written in our previous report, I had been asked to give a conference at this church. So that is what Starr and I did. We held meetings on the evenings of April 3-5 on the plan of God for the ages. I then preached on Sunday, April 6 as well. We returned to Sucre on Tuesday, April 8.

The following Sunday I preached at a church in Sucre pastored by a couple whom we have been close to since moving to the city in 2011.

On Friday, April 18 I flew to La Paz to visit with the leaders of a Christian group that has a love for the Jews and Israel. I have been a counselor for the group for a couple of years. I stayed with another couple there who pastor a Church of God and look to Starr and me as their counselors. I was asked to preach there on Easter Sunday. The Lord was faithful to show up in the meeting in a precious way.

Our yearly visit to the U.S. was planned to begin on Tuesday, May 6 when we were scheduled to fly out of Santa Cruz to Miami and then on to Jacksonville, Florida where we were to arrive about that same day. We took advantage of our trip to pick up the plane in Santa Cruz, in order to visit the church we have been helping there, on our way out of the country. That congregation has become quite stabilized and it was decided that Starr and I are no longer needed to help them.

So most of the past month of May, we have been back in the U.S. Our yearly visit always starts with taking about a week-and-a-half in Jacksonville to get what seems like a myriad of things done. This year after we finished our time in that city, we drove up to Washington to attend a Christian leadership conference focused on trends going on in America with which Christians need to deal.

Following the conference we drove down to the home of our very good friends, Roger and Jinnie DeHaan. They have had us in their house for this past week. Our next stop is the Morningstar Fellowship of Ministries Retreat, which we try to attend every year at about this time.

We will be in New England for about a month-and-a-half before turning around and driving back down the east coast of the U.S. to Florida and finally back to Bolivia the night of August 9. We are desiring to see some of you on our trip back down the coast the latter half of July, so we will try to contact you by telephone or e-mail when we have our plans and dates more in order.

We want to thank all of you again for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very much!!

Those of you who have been praying for my father’s salvation, please keep doing so! We know that the Lord will bring him to Himself one of these days.

We love each and every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings once again to all of you from Bolivia! We pray and trust that you are all well and encouraged in the Lord (despite what may be going on in the world around us).

In our New Year’s greetings letter we briefly shared a highlight or two from last December. Now we want to share developments that have taken place in January and February of this new year. In the second week of January, I started my discipleship classes for young people up again for the new year. We usually meet for one-and-a-half to two hours on Wednesdays (and sometimes Fridays) of each week. One of the young men attending is in a program of theological training for the ministry at the nearby Christian university.

That same week of January, on the 9th we started up our prayer gathering that we have been holding on Thursday mornings. Pastors and people from different churches come to join together in praying for revival in the churches of Bolivia. The next day at night I went out with several other local pastors to pray at the four main entrances to Sucre.

Starr is continuing to participate on Tuesday afternoons in a gathering of women intercessors led by the wife of the pastor of the largest Assemblies of God church in the city. Starr is really enjoying her involvement in this.

On Thursday mornings every week we continue to meet with those who come to our home to pray for revival. The same sister who is leading the group of women intercessors on Tuesdays is coming whenever she can to our prayer gathering on Thursday mornings.
One of the most significant developments for our ministry in all of our time here in Bolivia began to occur toward the end of January. One of the pastors of a church in Santa Cruz, the largest city in the country, called me suddenly on Sunday, January 19. Their church was going through a major crisis and she asked us to be a covering for them. Starr and I took that as a very serious matter, obviously, and decided we needed to fly over to their city and see if we could help. We emailed some friends in the U.S. to seek the Lord if He was confirming us to take on such a responsibility. They emailed us back in a few days with what they had received in prayer for us and it was apparent that the Lord was truly leading us to be a covering for this church, which had gotten up to close to 400 people in attendance previously at its peak. We had known the church and its pastors for several years and had seen great potential, so to be called upon to help them navigate through a difficult time was something we were and are very willing to do.

On that trip to help the church in Santa Cruz, Starr and I were there for close to a week. We arrived on Wednesday, January 22 and stayed until the following week. The people received us with open arms and asked us to come back and hold a conference for them on God’s plan for His people in the last days. We are thinking of doing that at the end of March or so.

We returned to Sucre on Tuesday, January 28. The next day I started up my discipleship classes again for young people in our home late in the afternoon. That same day in the night Starr and I went to a small church nearby and prayed with some people who are part of our network of intercessors.

Through the first week in February my discipleship meetings with the young people continued well, and the Thursday morning prayer meetings were also held. On Sunday, February 9, I preached at the same church where we often hold evening prayer meetings each week. At the close of the service Starr and I prayed with a couple of young people in order for them to receive the Lord. They were quite eager to do so. And now they have joined our discipleship classes!

One of the things Starr and I are occasionally called upon to do is offer counsel to Christians whom we know. As many in ministry come to realize, this is an important part of what the Lord’s servants are sometimes called upon to do, knowing that as we humbly look to God in every counseling session, He is faithful to give us His counsel for the people.

A pastor from Santa Cruz whom I have known for a number of years asked me to speak to two groups of people in the annual convention of his denomination, which was held this year in Sucre. So on Friday afternoon, February 21, I spoke first to some forty people about Biblical principles for a group of intercessors. In the next session I spoke to a smaller group about Biblical principles for discipleship. There seemed to be good interest in these topics.

Tonight, February 27, I helped lead the first united prayer session for all intercessors in Sucre. It was a wonderful occasion to see how some forty people could flow well together in praying for revival in the churches in Sucre.
We want to thank all of you again for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very much!!

Those of you who have been praying for my father’s salvation, please keep doing so! We know that the Lord will bring him to Himself one of these days.

We love every one of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

In His love,

John & Starr

Sucre, Bolivia

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings to each and every one of you from Bolivia! Starr and I are so glad to be back in Sucre after an extended stay in the U.S. during this recent visit.

When we last wrote to you we were at my (John’s) father’s house near Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We continued with him throughout most of the month of August and then through September. Besides helping get his house and property ready for putting it on the market for sale, I was helping my father in sailboat racing! Even at 90 he still competes in a class of small sailboats at a nearby yacht club. It turned out that he won the whole summer season’s series in that class of boats!

My brother Scott, with his wife and daughter, flew up early in August to visit us and our father. My brother was obviously interested in the progress being made to get the house ready to put on the market for sale. My other brother, Gary, lives just a few miles away, so he was over to see Scott and his family, our father and us.

Throughout most of the summer Starr and I were able to attend The New Testament Church in Plymouth county (located just a few miles from the bridge going over to Cape Cod). This is always a blessing every time we can do it while visiting my father. We have known Paul Jehle, the Senior Pastor, and his wife for many years. We also have great times of getting together with David (Paul’s brother) and Annalou Jehle while in the area. Annalou is a caregiver for mothers and older people, so she always wants to know how my father is doing and offers to help him if needed. David has his own studio where he shoots videos for people and their businesses. This year he shot and put together a great video in DVD form about our ministry and what we are doing in Bolivia–for which we are very grateful.

On the 22nd of August Starr and I started our drive down to Jacksonville, Florida to take a week there and try to get rid of most of the furniture we have had in storage for nearly nine years since being in Bolivia. We want to thank all of you who prayed for this (one of our prayer requests in the last report we wrote you), because we succeeded in emptying out almost all the furniture in our storage unit, giving it to the Salvation Army and selling other assorted things in a garage sale that our friends Quentin and Docia Miller in Jacksonville let us have on their premises– for which we were very thankful.

We moved whatever else was left (mostly books and other things) into a smaller storage unit and thereby look forward to saving almost half our monthly rent for the facility! What a relief to us. We are so grateful for the use of Tommy Hasty’s pickup truck to move around our belongings in storage, take them to the Millers’ for the garage sale, and drive whatever was left over to the Salvation Army.

Following all this activity in Jacksonville, Starr and I got back into our car on Wednesday, September 4 to drive back up and arrive at my father’s by Friday On Saturday and Sunday, September 7 and 8, I crewed for my father in the national championship races in his class of sailboats. There were 28 boats in all that were in the competition. Racing against so many younger sailors, my dad figured we didn’t do too badly in finishing 11th overall. (I must admit that I was hoping to have done better than that.)

Beginning in August and continuing in September my father had realtors come by to see his house and property and give him ideas on how best to market it. In September he also had several auctioneers and people who do estate sales come over to discuss how best to sell the furniture he would not be taking over to his apartment. (By the way, over the summer he had bought a small apartment in a retirement center and was having work done on it to get it ready for him to move in by the fall.)

Starr and I had wanted to be around to help my father move into his apartment. The move had been tentatively set for October 1st or 2nd. However, my dad decided to postpone the move until later, so we decided to leave on the 1st and start our drive back to Jacksonville, Florida in preparation to fly back to Bolivia. Our first stop was at Starr’s brother’s house in Connecticut. There we spent the night on October 1st. We visited with him most of the morning on the 2nd and then started our drive down to arrive at Pastor Steve and Carol Burton’s home in southern New Jersey by late in the afternoon for dinner. We had met them at the MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries’ retreat in the beginning of June this year and had agreed to try to stop by and visit them at the end of summer or beginning of fall on our way back to Jacksonville . They had moved their usual night meeting back to Wednesday night for us to be able to share what we are doing in Bolivia. It was a wonderful evening of fellowship and a great blessing for Starr and me! Back in Jacksonville by Saturday evening, we then had only three full days to finish getting last minute things done before flying back to Bolivia over the night of Wednesday, October 9. When in town, Starr and I fellowship at NewDay JAX, a precious group of people, some of whom we have known  for over 30 years! Our last time with them on this trip was in their morning meeting on October 6. As is often done before we fly out to Bolivia, they prayed for us and there were some very encouraging prayers and prophetic words given, for which we are very grateful.

We arrived back in Bolivia on Thursday morning, October 10. We were able to get on another local airline and fly to Sucre the same morning. We were (and are) so glad to be back because we know this is where the Lord wants us.

A couple of days later Starr and I attended the last couple of meetings in a Christian women’s conference in Sucre (women’s husbands could attend that day). The theme was about passing the torch on to the next generation. It was inspiring. I was asked to pray for a group of women intercessors, of which Starr is a member, toward the end of the conference. These intercessors have made a strong commitment to the Lord to continue praying for revival in Sucre and throughout all of Bolivia and beyond.

It always takes a few days to get back in the routine here. Sucre’s elevation is over 9,000 feet above sea level. Although it is not as high as La Paz, where we used to live and minister, it still is quite high, so we had to take it a little easy the first few days we were back.

By the following Thursday, October 17 we had our first meetings in our home again. Whereas before we had gone to the U.S. on this trip, we had focused on teaching Biblical truths for the Christian life and ministry, now we are moving into a phase of not only teaching such truths but of spending considerable time in prayer and intercession for what we believe the Lord wants to do among His people here in Sucre and all over Bolivia. I had planned to get this report out to you before this, but some unexpected problems came up with our computer.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very, very much!!

We have one continuing prayer request that we included in our last newsletter:
For my father’s salvation (as mentioned previously, he is ninety years old, is in amazingly good health, but still has not come to the Lord).

We love each of you and pray that the Lord’s blessing continue to rest upon you and upon each of the members of your family.

With much love,

John & Starr

Dear friends and supporters:
Greetings and blessings to each and every one of you from Bolivia!
The month of March was a busy one for us. On the first weekend of the month Starr and I participated in a worship and evangelistic event in the city of Potosí, the capital of another department in Bolivia that is about 2 1/2 hours away by taxi. We also were invited to the anniversary celebration of one of the churches there on Sunday of that same weekend (March 3). This city is a mining town. Under the Spaniards’ colonial rule the main mine on the edge of the city was the largest silver mine in the western hemisphere. The same mountain where that mine was is still being excavated, now centuries later, only mostly for other metals! At one time in its past history Potosí rivaled London in its size.

The end of the second week in March, Starr and I attended meetings of a large conference in Sucre on prayer and intercession. The featured speaker was a prophet from Brazil. On Sunday afternoon, March 10, I spoke on a local television channel for about twenty minutes. I addressed some of my remarks to young people, for this was a Christian program geared for young people. The next day, Monday, the Brazilian prophet spoke to Starr and me personally for over an hour. It was encouraging what he shared with us for our ministry.

The highlight of the month was Starr’s and my trip to Colombia, South America, where we spent just over two weeks, from Friday evening, March 15, until Monday, April 1 (the day after Easter). We so enjoyed our time there, being Starr’s first time back in 30 years, and my first time back since 1997 after making a two-week trip to Colombia that year. Eutimeo Perez picked us up at the Bogota international airport and we stayed with him and his family for over a week. He is the son of a fisherman who lived on the mission where Starr and I served the Lord in the jungles of Colombia for ten years. The last time we had seen him, he probably only was about 18 years old. Now he is about 48 years old! Other people whom we had known at the mission came to see us, and it was a wonderful time that we shared together!

In Bogota Brother Eutimeo’s wife took Starr and me over one afternoon to the home of Russell Stendal, an American missionary whose parents had an important role in helping to set up the headquarters for Wycliffe Bible translators in Colombia many years ago. He has been instrumental in bringing together leaders of the Colombian military and leaders of the guerrillas to try to work out some kind of agreement for peace (although it was unsuccessful). He graciously let us pick out some interesting books to keep that he was giving away.

While we were in Bogota, Starr and I spent time with Pastor Cesar Pastás, a precious minister of God whom we had met several years ago at a MorningStar retreat. He had us over for lunch and fellowship one Saturday, and the next day we attended a small congregation he ministers to on Sundays.

From Bogota, Starr and I flew down to Florencia, the city that was the nearest major city to where our mission was where we lived and worked. This city has grown a great deal and now we couldn’t really recognize it from so many years ago when we used to visit it from time to time. We spent a night there and visited with a number of people whom we had known from our years at the mission in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. It felt kind of like a family reunion!

The next day we flew back to Bogota and on to Cali, Colombia. This is perhaps the third or fourth largest city in the country. Pastor Hein Hoere, whom we had met in Bolivia had invited us to visit them there during the week leading up to Easter. We had a great time. His two churches had their annual conference. It was not big but it was a blessing. He asked me to minister several times over the course of four days. I was honored to do that. We stayed with Pastor Hein and his wife in their home that they built on the outskirts of the city. We flew back to Bolivia on Monday, April 1, the day after Easter.

Back in Sucre, Bolivia, we started up our weekly classes again on Thursday, April 4, in our living room. We continued with the classes through the month of April and into May up to Thursday, May 16 (with the exception of not having them on Thursday, May 2, as explained below). Pastor Hein arrived in Sucre on Saturday, April 20. He stayed at our home until the following Thursday, April 25, when he left Sucre to go back to La Paz. I preached in the morning service in the church where we have been attending in Sucre on Sunday, April 21. The day after Pastor Hein left, the Bolivian pastors in our church, a visiting pastor from another city, and I met to make some plans for a special conference in July in Sucre having to do with bringing pastors together from different parts of the country to plan for a major conference on revival in October or November.

I was invited to preach at a small congregation on Sunday, April 28, which I was glad to do. I ministered on what a divine visitation is and compared it with what a revival is. On Monday night, the next day, I gave a special class for those who wanted it because the usual Thursday classes that week would not be held due to a trip to La Paz that Starr and I were going to take.

On Wednesday, May 1, Starr and I traveled to La Paz, where we stayed for a week. I met with a men’s group there on Thursday night. The next night–Friday, May 3–I started speaking in a local conference at a small church in La Paz. I was speaking on what the Bible talks about as God’s plans for the last days.

During my time in La Paz I also ministered at another group (MAPE) I talked about in my previous report. This is the group of Christians who love the Jews and Israel and meet once a week on Monday nights.

Starr and I returned to Sucre on Wednesday, May 8. Thursday, the next day, we had our classes. On Friday Starr and I went to the government offices in Sucre where personal records are made and renewed. It was time for us to renew our I.D.’s showing we have permanent residency in Bolivia. That evening and the morning of the next day (Saturday, May 11) I attended a conference given by a minister from La Paz at a fairly new church in Sucre. Saturday night Starr and I attended an anniversary service put on by a new church started up just one year ago that is an outreach of the church in the city where we have been attending.

On Sunday afternoon, May 12, I gave an extra class for students who wanted to catch up to where the other Thursday class was. The next week was our final week in Bolivia before traveling to the U.S., so Starr and I had a lot of last minute things to do. On Thursday, May 16, I gave the last classes before we were to leave on our trip to the U.S.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very, very much!!

We have two prayer requests for us during our visit to the U.S.:

1) For our time here (that we are now beginning, as of this writing), that Starr and I would be able to accomplish all that the Lord purposes for us to do;

2) Specifically, for my father’s needs, that we would be able to help him get organized in order to move out of his house (near Cape Cod, Massachusetts) into a two bedroom apartment by year’s end.

We love each of you and look forward to seeing some of you on this visit to the U.S.

May the Lord’s blessing be upon each and every one of you!
With much love,

John & Starr

Dear friends and supporters,

Starr and I want to wish each and every one of you a wonderful and blessed New Year! There are a lot of uncertainties in this world, but we have the assurance that the Lord Jesus Christ is still on His throne and ruling over all.

We want to thank each of you again for your friendship, prayers, and support. Starr and I are very blessed knowing we have friends like you!

Wishing each of you the very best for this coming year,

John & Starr
Sucre, Bolivia

Dear friends and supporters:

Greetings to each and everyone of you from Bolivia! Our prayer is that each of you is well.

Since we wrote you last a lot has happened. As with many or most of you, we have been following the campaign leading up to the elections. In Sucre where we live, the only cable news channel available is CNN (FOX is not available). We were very disappointed with the election results, but we believe this is a wake-up call to the church in America.

Since coming back to Bolivia from the U.S. in August, I (John) have had the privilege of leading several members of the family of the sister with whom we stay in La Paz to the Lord, as well as one of the employees in the travel agency she runs (now everyone in the agency is a Christian!). That is always a joy, of course, to see someone new come to the Lord.

Life is very different in the city of Sucre from what it was like in La Paz, as we have pointed out a number of times previously in other Bolivia Reports. In the month of September I (John) took some French classes to get refreshed in that language. There is a branch of an international association (the French Alliance) in Sucre, where French classes are taught on a regular basis. I have wanted to take up this language again, since I was fluent in it as a high school student many years ago and believe Starr and I will be traveling to France and other French-speaking countries to minister the Word of God at some point in the future.

Since earlier in 2012 I have been serving in the capacity of Pastor/Counselor to a group of Christians in La Paz that goes by the name of MAPE (an acronym in Spanish for Ministry to the Chosen People). At the end of the third week in September I went to their first national conference in the city of Cochabamba, Bolivia. There  we met with the branch of MAPE that holds meetings in that city. We had a good time getting to know each other and challenging one another on how to present to churches the message of reaching out to Jews.

On the last Sunday in September I ministered in a small congregation in Sucre, called Casa de Unidad (House of Unity).

Our good friend, Pastor Hein from Colombia, South America, arrived with his wife in Sucre the first week of October. They stayed with us for several days and ministered in a couple of different churches here.

For the second weekend in October I helped to organize a retreat outside of the city of La Paz. Pastor Hein and his wife were the featured speakers. This was a weekend for new Christians as well as older ones who wanted to make sure the foundation in their lives was solid. We had a great time.

Starr and I stayed through the following week in La Paz. I ministered Monday morning to a small group of mothers at a school. We also took advantage of our time in the city to visit the American Embassy, where we turned in our ballots that we had used to vote in the election.

The big event the next week was the opening of our Bible Training School on Thursday. We had a class in the morning and one at night. We will go on with regular teachings from the Bible, but we decided to open with a study of Rick Joyner’s The Final Quest (in Spanish). This has been a very popular book among the Christians we have worked with and it is a good “jumping off” point.

We have continued each Thursday on into November with the classes. We are passing around copies of Rick Joyner’s book for the students to read, as well as copies of his other two books in the same series (The Call and The Torch and the Sword in Spanish).

The classes have picked up additional people. We have two couples who are pastors attending, along with two other women pastors and an evangelist. In all we have approximately twenty to twenty-five attending.

We have stopped the classes because of Starr’s and my three week trip to the U.S. to visit my Dad. We plan to start the classes back up in the middle of January.

Starr is continuing to meet with the wives of a number of pastors here in the city to pray and intercede every Tuesday. She enjoys being a part of these meetings.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in what we are doing. Some of you are contributing to our ministry on a regular basis, as well, for which we are very grateful. Thank you very, very much!!

We have one or two prayer requests:

1) That the classes will be able to start up again in the middle of January, as planned;

2) That the Lord will continue to send us all the people He wants to attend.

Thank you very much!!!

We love each of you and would look forward to any comments or questions you may have regarding what we are doing. Please feel free to drop us a line at our e-mail address:

May the Lord’s blessing be upon each and every one of you!

With much love,
John & Starr,

Sucre, Bolivia

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