Covert Burma: November 2010

The Word Mission

1. History
After fasting 40 days and 40 nights, in the land of Nagaland (Northern part of India), the Spirit of the Lord led me (Joseph Thau Thau) to the land of the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle to do His ministry. The Lord spoke to me, just as he spoke to Abraham to leave his native country, in order to make him into a great nation, to start the ministry called “The Word Mission.” Therefore, I started “The Word Mission” in 2001, with the Motto “The Word for Every Creature” (Mark 16:15-18). Therefore, the Word College was born on July 5th, 2001.

II. What is meant by ‘The Golden Triangle’
The part of Asia (Thailand, Laos and Myanmar) least touched by the gospel is called the Golden Triangle. There is nothing either golden or hopeful about it. The term is used euphemistically to describe the mountainous border areas of Myanmar, Thailand and Laos from where misery does originate for millions of people all over the world. For it is in these areas that 80% of the world’s illegal drugs are cultivated and produced, which condemn millions worldwide to a life of entrapment and slavery.

III. What is meant by the ‘7/7 window of Myanmar’
The land of seven states and seven divisions in Myanmar is called ‘the 7/7 window of Myanmar.’ They are the following: Chin State, Mon State, Shan State, Kachin State, Kayin State, Kayan State, Rakhnie State; and Bago Division, Mandalay Division, Yangon Division, Taninthayi Division, Ayeyarwaddi Division, Sagaing Division and Magway Division.

Most of these people groups have absolutely no access to the gospel. Myanmar has about 150 tribal groups. In fact, this is a datum of rough major groups and within the 150 major tribal groups; there are even more ethnic groups in Myanmar. They have no Christian literature. There is no one to tell them about Jesus. The Spirit of the Lord says “Who will go for us?”

Many unreached people groups live here: The Mogh, Chakma, Tripura, ChinPuk, Khami, Dai, Rakhine ( those are in the border of Bangladesh) ,The Akha, Lahu, Shan, Palaung, PaOoh, Wa, Lisu, Yins, Ihn, Intha, Padwong,( those are in Golden Triangle) Mon and Burma are the majority of these people groups. Most of the Buddhist & Animist peoples live in these areas. This window has in view most of the world’s areas of greatest physical and spiritual need & most of the world’s least-reached peoples. The land of seven states and seven divisions include the following areas & populations:

1. Kachin State……………1,254,381

2. Kayan State…………….276, 693

3. Kayin State……………..1,347,732

4. Chin State……………….487, 361

5. Mon State……………….2, 518,152

6. Rakhine State……………2,649,802

7. Shan State……………….4, 675,555

8. Sagaing Division………..5,449,934

9. Tanintharyi Division…….1, 328,813

10. Bago Division………..4,977,966

11. Magway Division…….4, 770,905

12. Mandalay Division……6,935,357

13. Yangon Division……… 5,930,728

14. Ayeyarwaddy Division…7,051,348

IV. Why The Word Mission
1. God’s character
2. Christ’s command
3. Condition of the lost

Many unreached people groups live here. (The Mogh, Chakma, Tipura, ChinPuk, Shan, Lisu, Akha, Lahu, Wa, Paloung, Paooh, Yins, Ihn, Padwong,Rakhine, Mon, Hmong & Burma are the majority people groups.)

The most Buddhist & Animists live here. There are 20,000 tribal villages with no church. Many children are mainly illiterate and are left unattended by drug-addicted parents. Many children from villages come into the cities in order to serve as prostitutes. Many will be sold into prostitution. Some will die prematurely, while others will follow adults into illicit drug use. Many poor people live here. There are many working children, who are therefore not in school.

The Golden Triangle is full of the young, thirsty, hungry, sick and those without clothes. The Golden Triangle needs Jesus Christ. Therefore, The Word Mission needs to focus on The Golden Triangle, in that it is the heart of Buddhism & Animism.

V. Purpose
The purpose of The Word Mission is to reach the unreached people in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle, and the 7/7 window of Myanmar, including the border of Bangladesh with the eternal Word of Jesus Christ, for the building up of the Body of Christ.

VI. Goal
To plant and establish 1000 churches before the coming of Christ.

VII. Vision
To reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle & the 7/7 window of Myanmar (and the Border of Bangladesh) with the Eternal Word of Christ.

VIII. Our Ministries

(What is The Word Mission doing?)

1. The Word College
2. The Word Orphanage Ministries
3. The Word Church Planting & All Nations Evangelism
4. The Word Outreach & Home-Cells
5. The Word Children & Youth Ministries
6. The Word Prayer Fasting & Intercession
7. The Word Literature Ministries
8. Summer Vocational Missions

1. Bible College – Training
The Word College was founded in 2001. Committed young men and women are prayerfully selected by the faculty members to undergo four years of intensive Bible training for a Bachelor of Theology degree. Sixty students have graduated, and 17 students are undertaking training at present. The Word College is a place where people who want to serve the Lord in the future take Bible training.

a. Purpose
The purpose of The Word College is the equipping of God’s people for ministry, for the building up of the Body of Christ.

b. Goal
To train 1000 students before the coming of Jesus Christ.

c. Vision
To send graduates to the unreached people groups of the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle and the 7/7 window of Myanmar (and the Border of Bangladesh) with the eternal word of Christ.

2. The Orphanage Ministries
This orphanage home is opened mainly for orphans. This is a place where the hopeless orphans find hope, parentless children find parents and family care, and illiterate orphans will become literate and educated.

a. History
After her parents were divorced, she came to me and said: “Do not force me to go back to my own people! Let me stay with you! Where ever you go, I will go! Your people will be my people! Your God will be my God! (Ruth 1:16). We name her ‘”Fetah” which means “Sister.”

b. Purpose

To glorify God by caring for the orphans. To share with the children the answer to the eternal need: the Lord Jesus Christ, for the building up of the Body of Christ. To reduce poverty, illiteracy and instability.

c. Goal
To take care of 1000 children, any way we can.

d. Vision
To reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle with the gospel of Christ.
To uplift the children in the realms of their educational, social, spiritual and physical lives.
To help them reach their destinies.
To give them practical training to support themselves in the future.

f. Why are they coming to The Word Mission?
– Parents died b. Divorced parents C .Poverty d. Educational needs

– Their parents’ inability to work due to physical infirmities.

– Imprisoned parents

– Their parents have abandoned them

– Illiteracy

– Social life of the community

g. What is The Word Mission doing for their future?

– We care for their needs

– We support their education

– We try to help them reach their destiny in some way.

– We give them practical training to support themselves in the future.

This ministry is one part of The Word Mission. Our work is teaching children about the salvation of Jesus and the Bible, helping to feed and clothe them, along with assisting the child with school and any thing what is need or including medical needs. This gives the child an opportunity to be introduced to a local Bible preaching church where they can also grow spiritually in Christ.

3. Church Planting & Evangelism

The Word Mission sends graduates of The Word College to the most unreached people groups of the 3/3 window of The Golden Triangle to establish churches among these people. Now The Word Mission is partially supporting 10 volunteers and 10 missionaries and pastors who are not fully paid on a regular basis, but they all are faithfully serving the Lord as they are stationed. The commitment and willingness of our pastors and missionaries to reach the unreached with the gospel is indeed amazing and highly appreciated. They can travel on foot for hundreds of miles to give the gospel of Christ to the native people.

a. Purpose

The Word Mission exists to proclaim the gospel of Jesus to the hungry, thirsty, homeless and abused people for the extension of God’s Kingdom, and to establish the churches where there is no church.

b. Goal

To plant and establish 1000 churches before the coming of Jesus.

c. Vision

That those in the Golden Triangle shall be saved. To reach the unreached people with the gospel of Christ in our generation.

4. Outreach and Home-Cell Programs

The Word College students have outreach and home-cell programs regularly every week on Friday and Saturday. Every Friday, all students hold home-cell meetings at different places in Yangon Division. In addition to this, all students and teachers go out on Saturday to share the gospel of Christ to the surrounding community, to distribute gospel tracts, booklets, books and the Bible.

a. Purpose
Through this program, to establish new churches.
b. Goal
To establish 1000 home-cells before the coming of Jesus Christ.
c. Vision
Through this program, to reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle with the gospel of Jesus.

5. Children & Youth Ministries

During some weekends, school breaks, and summer holidays, we teach students of government schools. We provide pens, pencils, books, and meals during this program. We also teach English to young people. Summer vacations, some students at the college hold teaching ministries with government school children This program opens the way for The Word Mission to share the gospel to non-Christians. The Word Mission realizes that a great responsibility has been laid upon her shoulders by God for those children who have no ability to flee from their backgrounds. To educate them from the very foundation, which is necessary for poor families, is the main purpose for teaching English to them. Now The Word Mission is still searching out the homeless, hopeless, and helpless without Christ, so that the gospel of Christ may lodge in their hearts.

a. Purpose
To promote the scholastic, social, spiritual and physical life of the children and youth.

b. Goal
To reach 1000 unreached children and youth before the coming Jesus Christ.

c. Vision
Through this program, to reach the unreached children and youth in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle with the gospel of Christ.

6. Fasting & Intercession Ministries

a. Fasting – Prayer

As the Lord Jesus addressed prayers to the Father, He was answered and the Father gave tremendous power to do anything for His own glory. It happened only by prayer. To pray with tears is to sow our tears with an eternal harvest. If we want to see a great harvest and a spiritual revival, our greatest need is for great praying.

Every member in the church and every student in the college voluntarily give their time to be involved, for the service of The Word Mission, in fasting. Every day, at least one student is praying, while fasting, in our college.

The Word Church members form small groups at each of their local churches and look to the Lord in prayer. It’s also called ‘group-by-group fasting- prayer.’ A certain day to pray at the same time has been fixed by The Word Mission.

The Word Mission, therefore, blesses through prayer, and has seen amazing spiritual successes through fasting-prayer. Fasting-prayer is one of our powerful weapons.

b. Thanksgiving Prayer

The Word Mission’s second priority for prayer is to offer thanksgiving to the Lord for what He has done through the Mission. The day of thanksgiving prayer is once every two weeks.

c. Whole-Night Prayer

Jesus Christ prayed the whole night when he was on the mission field. The Word Mission has a whole night of prayer regularly on the last night of every month.

d. Team Prayer

The Word Mission has put together certain prayer teams. In particular, these teams have prayer services punctually, and regularly maintain them at The Word College. Each group has more than five members involved in prayer. This prayer is carried out every morning before classes begin, and every night before study time begins.

The Lord answers this labour! Therefore, the more answers to prayer, the more members desire to pray. Team prayer leads us to more unity in ministry. Team prayer is one of the weapons of The Word Mission. Prayer has the power to change mountains into highways. God calls us to pray with tears (Joel 2:12). “Nothing to give to you, Oh Lord, but just my tears”.

e. Sunday Morning Prayer

Only college students participate in this. Before Sunday morning service, this short prayer service is conducted. The service is conducted by the students themselves. This kind of prayer is prayer for our leaders in our land. Look at 1 Timothy 2:1, 2 “Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayer, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men. For kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.”

At the heart of The Word Mission is the cross. On the cross, Jesus prayed this prayer; “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34) It is the cross that led the people to heaven. Jesus claimed He was the only way to God. The cross is the last argument of God. Prayer is as real as God is real.

f. Friday Class Prayer

This service involves every teacher and student. Because it is important that the Lord be leading the college, and blessing each activity through out the week, we must thank the Lord for sending us wisdom and knowledge from heaven. This kind of prayer is prayer for the outreaches and Home cells that the Word Mission has.

1. Purpose
To glorify God through prayer for unreached people groups.

II. Goal
To pray till Jesus comes.

III. Vision
To reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle and around the world, through prayer.

7. Literature Ministries

The Word Mission prints gospel tracts and distributes them freely to people. We even translate good books and booklets into Burmese, the main language of the people

a. Purpose
To reach people with gospel tracts, where our missionaries can not personally enter to share the salvation of Jesus Christ.

b. Goal

To distribute 10,000,000 tracts; 10,000,000 booklets and 1,000,000 books to the people.

c. Vision

To reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle with the Word of Jesus Christ.

8. Summer Vocational Ministries

During summer vacation, we prayerfully select four or five mission stations, and with all the students go to the mission station to do evangelism and missions. We hold seminars, a Bible Ministries camp for a week, and a month of teaching, preaching and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. In different villages and places, we build church buildings. We provide food for all those attending the seminar and Bible Ministries camp; provide clothes for those who have no clothes, give them medical treatment, provide water for villages, provide electricity for some villages, and help them build houses, toilets and other necessary items.

a. Purpose
To reach the unreached peoples and help them reach their destiny.
b. Goal
To reach the unreached people groups in the 3/3 window of Golden Triangle before the coming of Jesus.
c. Vision
That those in the Golden Triangle shall be saved is our vision and prayer.

IX. How The Word Mission is doing:
1. Training
2. Prayer & Intercession

Fasting, Thanksgiving, Whole-Night prayer, Team prayer

Sunday Morning prayer, Friday Class prayer

3. Teaching English: ( Teaching Adults, Teaching Children)

4. Making Friendships through Internet communication

Partnership, Fellowship, Leadership

5. Taking Care of the needs of:

Orphanages, Needy Children and families

6. Home Evangelism

Group Evangelism ,Individual Evangelism ,Evangelism by Invitation in Homes

7. Outreach

Taking care of social needs ,Considering spiritual needs

Approaching the Uncivilized, Approaching the Civilized

Sharing the Gospel of Jesus from village to village, city to city, house to house… Seminar & Bible Camp ministries.

9. Summer vocational ministries.

XI. The Growth & Expansion of The Word Mission

A. Yangon Division

B. Shan State

1. Keng Toung mission field

2. Tachileik mission field

3. Moung Young mission field

4. Schechem village

5. Mai Sua

C. Mon State

D. Chin State & the Border of Bangladesh

XII. The Struggles Faced by The Word Mission

A. Languages

B. Finances

C. Denominational conflict

D. Local Leaders

E. Lack of Education

F. Lack of Social Skills

G. Communication & Transportation Problems

H. Guerrillas

J. Socio-Cultural Problems

1. Drugs 2. Child Abuse & Working Children 3. Nomadic Villages

XIII. Our Motto
The Word for Every Creature. (Mark 16:15-19)

XIV. Our Sponsor
The Lord will provide. (Gen 22:14)

XV. What is The Word Mission doing at present?

We have:

1. 21 Students, with 7 teachers
2. 14 Orphanages, with 3 teachers

3. 8 full-time workers and 10 volunteers, in the most unreached people group area of the Golden Triangle.

4. 5 children whom we are helping with their education, some way or some how.

5. The heart of The Word Mission is people, not programs.

Pray for these prayer points:
1. Pray for the breaking down of the intellectual, philosophical and demonic strongholds where, as yet, the penetration of the gospel has been minimal. (Buddhist revivalism is making the situation more difficult for religious minorities.)

2. Pray for conversion among the Buddhist people and Animists.
3. Pray for the top government officials in each State and Division.
4. Pray for the unreached people groups in each State and Division.
5. Pray that more Christian literature will be printed.
6. Pray for The Word Mission.

You can become a friend and part of The Word Mission in this most excellent work of God, in this great land of the 3/3 window of the Golden Triangle, & the 7/7 window of Myanmar, including the border of Bangladesh.

7. Pray that the Lord will provide the supporters for The Word Mission.

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