Roger Than Maung: May 2016

Dear Brother Jorge & Friends:

Greetings from Myanmar!

I hope you and your godly family are keeping well. Please sure that my family and your coworkers in Myanmar are always with you in our thoughts and prayers. Last April is my one month mission trip month and it was the longest mission trip after 2002! Praising to the Lord who made me to serveĀ  Him by this condition and also MUCH thanks to you for your financial assistance by this I could serve the Lord much more – on behalf of you where you are not able to go to the limited lands. Indeed, we are one body in Christ and when you are head, I am sure I am legs and hands! To God be more glorified!

Below is my unreached mission Report May 2016.

Mission outreach to Rengcaa land is gone from April 7 to 23. During that mission outreach, I could do the following mission activities:

  • I could distribute the Gospel literature: 200 to people who never go to churches; 700 to church members who do not understand what is Truth and who is God in reality and over 200 are to Church workers: pastors, evangelists, deacons and Church officers, etc so that they can continue use and preach on the publications they received and studied and to whom I made them as our mouths and our legs and our hands – on behalf of ours!
  • 257 people directly commented to me when we met one another upon the publications that I distributed them last times. And some of their comments are:the Gospel publications are light that shines in our land and these shines are both spiritual and intellectual shines by which we know how much we did not know the Truth and that we are still not born-again or nominal Christians and how much we have to know much more in the Lord and before other people, etc. Some said, Church revivals are being after they read Gospel literature and since after the Gospel publications were reached to their land since 1988. Some said and requested me to distribute more of Gospel literature and enthusiastically asked me not to stop Gospel literature outreach because they said, these issues are their daily food and living way and without it they said they cannot survive longer!
  • I could travel to 10 villages and could make the 5 days Bible trainings to 5 villages. The villagers from the rest villages joined together to some nearest villages for my Bible trainings. I could train over 1000 people during my my Bible trainings and if combined with non-Bible trainees or participants in my fellowship services are totally over 2000 people during my mission trips!
  • 71 people were accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior during my mission journey. Praise the LORD!
  • I partly supported 6 widows some of them are over 100 years of age! I partly supported to 12 coworkers and to 12 church-related organizations such as youth, women organizations, etc – including some different churches.
  • I supportedĀ  the 20 used-clothes to the needy such as poor children, some pastors, widows and very poor orphans, etc.
  • During my trips, some memorial events of mine are: my clothes were torn for two times; my shoe was broken; not very well for one day because of not sleeping well all the times and very tiring because of hard trips; one little motorcycle accident, etc! Sometimes, I traveled on foot and mostly by motorcycles. Most of motorcycle roads are very narrow from very high mountains and so very danger for us. Without God’s direction and help, this mission trip is impossible. God is so good! To God be more glorified among all living things!
  • Some Christians also gave me some gifts – such as hens, eggs, dried fish and dried meats, fruits, free foods: tea, coffee, lunch and dinner, etc and free transportation for motorcycle traveling days.

Without your supports for my these mission trips, no good results for our mission services. Prayers only are not enough. Publications only are not enough. When direct commitments of ourselves with financial assistants are combined with all, mission outreach is fruitful and much more blessed! I myself clearly understood for going mission outreach for why our Lord Jesus Christ commands us to GO – going outside of our churches [for His great Commission].

Once again, MUCH thanks to you for your supports for my unreached mission trip to my Rengcaa Khumi land, 2016. Please always sure that my family and my Rengcaa Khumi people never forget you for EVERYTHING you helped and still helping upon us in your love and with your mission minded and for Myanmar. God wonderfully and richly bless you and your godly family and upon your blessed job is our non-stop prayers every days and every hours.

Please enjoy seeing some pictures of during my unreached mission activities in Rengcaa Khumi land from April 7 to 23, 2016.

Serving together,

Roger Than Maung

Myanmar Missions Association