Michael: June 2017

Dear Brother Jorge and Richard,

Greetings in His name from Myanmar.

Monthly Report

The month of May is the hottest in Myanmar. God has given a privilege to go to unreached village or no Christians.

Going to a person is not good, so I called my friend who knows that village. It took us one night and one day by bus, and then we went by motorcycle for one hour and 40 minutes by boat.

May 6, at noon, we arrived there. Evening we attracted children and
told about what we are going to perform in two days. To tell others
the Children Campaign, we gave sweets and some playing tools. They were happy and told about the news to every child. Night time, some youths came to visit us. I told about Jesus Christ
who came to save all human beings from the bondage of sins.

Day 1 or May 7 on Sunday

Actually, as emailed to you, we expected to come around 50 children. But our pray works miraculously to that village. 90 Children were attended, during the teaching or games, we did not count. At the same time, we did not count those who are standing outside and listening to our teaching. They ever and never saw this kind of teachings: the Living God, the Savior, the Creator of the universe, living things and non-living things in the world.

The teachings are songs, acting songs, bible stories, outsider stories which talks about God, games, coloring, making them drawing pictures, and so on. We asked questions on what we told about, they answered very well. They enjoyed telling us back what they believe in.

Night time I told about God and Jesus Christ, the Bible. We examined and their drawings and coloring books. I gave every children who can write and color book to the prizes. We celebrated the first day of children campaign.

Day 2, May 8 on Monday

By God mercy and grace, the second day about 70 children were
attended, some children are hindered by parents. We played different games, stories, coloring pictures and some are the same of the first day.

Every session of the end, we challenged children to raise their
hands , those who believe in God with heart. They confessed with
mouths Jesus is Lord and Savior. I prayed for them. I thank God that God uses me as His tool to make them known Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. Many children accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.

Night time, I gave some gifts to children exercise books, pens,
pencils, erasers, balloons, rubber rings to those who did very well in
day time. We gave the prizes to the groups of Matthew, Mark, Luke,
John and Paul, together five groups. I honored the group leaders in
playing games.


No person cannot take his/her money to heaven. The only thing I know going to heaven is the souls of children, men and women. I must say thanks to Mr. Zaw Mana, the same village of mine, went to USA as a refugee, donated (250 $)  for penetrating the gospel among no Christians. It is my heartfelt prayer that God will give him
bountifully as invested.

As I am a missionary among Buddhists, I do not live in my area because my native people knew God and they are children of God. Therefore, I left my native state, moved to Yangon Region, the areas of strong Buddhists, and doing missionary works.

Actually, we cannot put money first. But put God first. To accomplish
Great Commission on the earth, we need money. I invested some money for children campaign as well. Together we can do something for God in Myanmar by trusting the Lord and praying to God for ahead of time in order that God’s works will be seen.

I hope that you will cooperate with me in the future as well or
partner with you for reaching not only the children but also Buddhists to Christ.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

Prayer Request Items
1.      To purchase permanent residence.
2.      To have micro business.
3.      To have monthly supporter
4.      To meet finance for renting house regularly
5.      To send more church planters among unreached areas in Myanmar

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Michael