Campana: July 2017

Hello Again Everyone!

Here’s the latest and greatest of whats happening with me. Can I just tell you my life is ‘weird’ and mostly, I really like it, haha.

On a personal note I am super excited that I now live in the same town as one of my children!! My son has relocated back to Boise after being offered a position with the fire department here. He has been working towards this for the last year or so. He is coming back after many years of working in different countries in the middle east with the military and as contracted security.
It’s been 10 years since we have lived in the same state much less the same town!! I mean I’m super excited people!!! My other two are still both on the east coast. My oldest son and his family are doing really well in Maine where he is stationed with the Coast Guard. My daughter is doing ‘ok’ the situation hasn’t changed much for her. However her husband is working full-time (withOUT benefits though) but a regular pay check is something new for them since before they were married. At least that is better.
She is coming up on what would be her due date for the baby she lost and she is getting a bit anxious about it..prayers for her would be greatly appreciated.
TwoStones Midwifery is moving along, slowly, but moving. I have the two clients I mentioned before and have consulted with a family who is hoping to become pregnant in the next few months who are planning a home birth with me. Though that isn’t much in the way of movement or business I am hopeful the Lord will bring the women and families He wants me to work with.
On a much broader platform, I continue to hear of and from women globally. At the beginning of July I was contacted by two women one in the Philippines and one in Hong Kong, I also heard of another in Hong Kong all looking for a midwife and someone to support them in birth.
The recent and most upcoming news is that I am leaving in a few days for Hong Kong to attend one of them. I will list the prayer requests specific to this mama below.
When I am contacted and continually asked how to find a midwife, (primarily for expats; be they missionaries, aid workers or business owners) I am met with the sense that indeed there does need to be some sort of organization/agency to connect midwives and other birth workers with these families. I am unsure of how best to do that.
Should a ‘sending org/agency’ be developed or just a resource list of names and contacts in different countries?
There is one resource type list that I know of. Its focus seems to be primarily on missionary families and the midwives tend to volunteer their time to go. While I think both of those aspects are wonderful, it doesn’t seem to be much more than that. I think both paid and pro-bono/volunteer work are both valid and needed. I also feel that for midwives to travel abroad having aa system of vetting in place would be a good idea. Unless of course the organtization/group/agency is merely a resource list and does nothing more than provide contact information of the midwife for the family.
As I think and pray on such an organization I go back and forth of between the two approaches and focuses. Providing a resource list would be rather simplistic and frankly is already being done. If I were to start something like that I would only want to do it if I could improve it somehow or perhaps join the existing group and volunteer my time with them.
Should I venture to to put more of an actual organization together it will take a lot of energy and I would need more than just myself on board to do it well. Other midwives, advisors, a board of directors perhaps and possibly becoming a non-profit.
Then there is the logistics of how to market and approach mission organizations, mission boards, individual churches and aid organizations in order for them to understand and recognize the needs and desires of their childbearing families on the field. Of course these services would need to be available to those who would be self paying as well regardless of their purposes in those countries.
Another aspect I feel very strongly about is to send out midwives and birth workers to go and teach other midwives and birth workers. I would absolutely love to go out for a few weeks or even months at a time to bring evidence based and best practices skills and even equipment or supplies to local midwives and clinics.
I’m just not sure how to organize my thoughts beyond that much less actually develop such a thing.
But there it is, on my heart consistently. If anyone has any thoughts or insights about any aspect of all that please send me an email and lets chat!
**I do want to say that I have not shared much beyond my close circle of friends, a few midwives and you my intercessors about any of this. I feel quite strongly to keep it close until there is a better and clearer direction and vision for it. I ask that you would do the same. I’m not sure why exactly, but I do feel the Lord strongly impressing me to keep it under the radar for now. **
Prayer Requests:
  • For the upcoming trip this week..
    • Travel
      • Safety
      • No flight issues/delays etc
      • No issues at security checks, customs or immigration going to or returning from Hong Kong
    • My safety and health while traveling and while in Hong Kong
    • That my birth assistant would be able to get to the birth without issues. She is over an hour from where I will be and transportation can be difficult especially at night.
    • Straightforward labor and birth..No complications
      • Safe passage for both mama and baby
  • Help with designing a logo and website
  • That the Lord would grow the home birth practice here that it would be a sustainable source of income for me
    • The immigrant population here is quite numerous I would very much like the opportunity to work with those who would desire a home birth. Especially the ‘Karen’ they are and forever will be engraved on my heart….
  • A dependable and affordable vehicle
  • Vision, direction and wisdom for developing an organization to send out midwives and birth workers
  • For my daughters continued healing and grieving process as her due date the first week of August is fast approaching

Ok that is it for now, I hope to give you all an update from Hong Kong soon.

Much love and blessings