Naing: August 2017



The month of August I faced difficulty upon difficulty. We stayed hospital for a week, and we went to clinic for my wife whose blood is so weak and injection was done; at the same time my daughter Mercy Sen also felt sick and we went to the clinic. I spent time with my family at home for almost 15 days. During 15 days I did all things of house works.

Last month the Government issued Regional Order No. 1/2017 for minority religions, even the country religion Buddhist is free to do what they like. Minor religions was depressed wisely. The Government did not give any permission for registration, she did not give any church building as well.

So home church is the best way to in Myanmar, most of small churches are being used houses which were permitted for personal. It seems that the Government know the strategies of believers. Since last month worship service at home which is permitted for personal living should not be used as religious gatherings, and which was permitted to only family living. She knows the tactics of believers at home service.

They never and ever think and thought about the gospel which cannot be hindered by human efforts. His word is living and active, which cannot be hindered by any human efforts.


The Gospel changes the hearts and minds of human beings. In my living areas, the Buddhist  monks distributed tracts or pamphlets to Buddhists, it says that we, the Buddhists, have been existing many thousand years, we all must be responsible for defending our Myanmar religion, Buddhism from other religions. This makes me (other Church planters also) hinder to tell the Gospel.

I used many strategies to talk with them, some welcome me nicely, but when I began telling about Christ or God, most of house stopped me talking about it. Some are good at convincing and said that it is good to hear from you about Christian God. To change their hearts and minds is not my job, but it is God’s work, who is the source of eternal life.

I put my trust in God that I am the sower of the Gospel seed to them, believing in God that it will grow up in one day in future.  House to house evangelism, gospel tract giving and talking to them, house visiting during their free time, children evangelism as I got chance.


During his free time at night, I made appointment with him, his name, U Phong Phong asked me, “Why do Christians trust God alone?’’ as Christ’s death on the cross is for all human beings in the world. At last, he accepted Christ as his Savior and Lord for eternity. He appreciated me very much as I prioritized his free time. I prayed for him so that he got daily job as requested.

U San Kar Myah, a Buddhist, asked questions were answered by me and the result is that they said that your Christian God and our god is the same. After we died, we will go to the same place. I explained the God, who created all things seen and unseen in this world; and the god of other religions is different. Other gods want human beings to do something for him, but Christian God has done salvation for human beings. After four days visited at night, he responded to believe in God. He has eternal life.

Transient area children, I called them to a house which is built with nipa palm leaf for wall and roof. They are happy to hear the story of Jesus who is a Savior. They enjoyed listening about God, His creation. After that, I gave some food to them.

Mr. Nyo Nyo Twe who love reading novels or books, a converted one’s sister, was given to read the Bible. I have told her about God and every things in the Bible. It is hard to believe in what I have told. She requested me to pray for her to be trusted in the Lord and have faith in God.

My son Joshua was hospitalized for a week and then turned back to home and once a week we went to hospital. This month on 28 we will go to hospital again to check his surgery.

Night Service without singing songs at home or door to door service keeps going on. We prepared the best way if the government found us we are using the house.

No one stops spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission to be fulfilled is God’s will and purpose to all nations.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

Prayer Request Items

  1. To purchase permanent residence.
  2. To have micro business.
  3. To have monthly supporter.
  4. To meet finance for renting house.
  5. To have Church Planters Supporters.
  6. To support orphans