Naing: October 2017



The month of October is the last month of rainy season in Myanmar. God blessed me to do some works in the month. I had been sick for a week the change of season in Myanmar from the rainy season to the cold season.


This month by God’s grace and mercy, I went teaching about Church Planting, tracts distribution and house to house evangelism. Even though the Government Oder is not relinquished, under God’s protection we are able to perform Sunday Service at my rented house.


Mr. Bah Mar, a Buddhist, at the railway station was told about Jesus Christ. He said, “I think God is not for me and we worship Buddha god, who is for Buddhists and God is for Christians only”. God changed his thoughts to know Him who is for every religion in the world. At last, he went back home with joyfulness as he accepted the Savior of Jesus Christ as Lord. God never and ever depends on my eloquent words and attractive actions but on His Word and makes His Word powerful to the hearers.

Min Min Thu and Kyi Lin Aung, a way to work, were accepted Jesus as their Savior and they are willing to repeat the prayer led by me when we with a gentleman distributed tracts. I praised God for what He can do and has been doing. Changing the life is depends on the Creator of the World. My responsibility is to share Gospel message.

By God Mercy and help, I was asked to teach Church Planting Methods in the Bible at Training. I taught the students who are prepared to go for reaching the Gospel to others. They enjoyed learning Church Planting Method. At the same time, one of my friends invited me to do at his place. Therefore, I went to his house and did some and he invited 40 ministers, but 19 were shown up to learn church planting discussion. This teaching and discussion all gave thanks God and me. They said to me, “We were encouraged through this teaching and discussing, practically, we will use these strategies for winning the lost souls.

Last month sometimes it still rains. I began distributing tracts in possible places. Most the people are willing received the gospel tracts and some asked me which kind of pamphlets and I explained them about the words written in the tracts. Even though they denied it, I had chance to explain what is the tracts about. It means that they heard the gospel. At short, did not receive the tract, but heard what is written in tracts as they asked me about the tracts.

I got a Chance to participate in fasting and prayer for the people of Myanmar so that the hearers of the gospel message will change their hearts and minds in order to come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus. I prayed for the missionaries, church planters, evangelists, mission organizations around the world, pastors, youths, women, and so on.

I with some of my church members have been having communion together in remembrance, and then we have eating coffee and bread with some who are coming to hear or taste God’s Word.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

Prayer Request Items

  1. To purchase permanent residence.
  2. To have micro business.
  3. To have monthly supporter.
  4. To meet finance for renting house for six months.
  5. To have Church Planters Supporters.
  6. To support orphans