Naing: December 2017



The cold season of last month there is no more raining, I am able to spend time sharing the Gospel to unbelievers and distributing the gospel tract to them also. The birth of Anna and Church planting were the same. Now it has been for four years. My daughter Anna is four years and Church planting as well.

By God’s mercy, it is not hot and cold, the weather is good to go outside under the sun for evangelism.


Last month I did evangelize Buddhists personally. Sometimes, I went to the city spreading the Gospel tracts. At the same time, I went to Aung Mingalar Highway Bus Station for evangelizing and giving tracts to unbelievers. With a young guy Mr. Aung Aung, we went teaching God’s word to children. I met my friend accidently. We did see each other 20 years ago during his visit to Yangon Region. I got chance to have security in Christ. By God’s grace I am able to do children ministry at home.


Three travellers at Aung Mingalar Highway Bus station, I had a golden chance to share the Living God and about the Salvation of Jesus Christ from the bondage of sins. They said, “we will go back to Shan State as our relative is died”. At that time, I was told to ask two brothers and sister repeatedly. Therefore, I started talking to them, making friendship. And then I was given a chance to tell about Jesus is the only way to get to heaven as your bus will go to Shan State surely.  

At last, they accepted Jesus Christ as the only One Savior and God is the Creator. It is convinced that God’s work in the hearts and minds is wonderful for me. Some people cannot accepted Jesus as the Savior even I have told some households almost three years. As we know, God’s way and thoughts are different from our way and thoughts. May God bless them so that they keep on believing God in their lives.

Mr. Kui Kui, I did not think that we will meet again. He is a good man. But he has HIV. His visit to Yangon Region from southern Shan State, I invited him and dinner together and then I told about  the eternal security in Christ and a free gift of Salvation. I encouraged him and taught about all things as much as I can. “Now I taste the security in Christ or have eternal security. He was happy, “Now I understand the assurance of salvation in Christ, many years, I am trying to get to heaven my human effort and sometimes, I think I will go to heaven if I did not do wrong”, he said. I thank God for being touch by God and changed of his mindset is controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Mrs Puk Sung took care of her child on the wayside. I asked to give me 3 minutes to tell about who I am. Interestingly, she said, “It is OK, and I am happy to listen your testimony”. She was never even heard about Christian. She gave me a chance 30 minutes. I shared about Christ, God’s Creation and the Bible. He accepted the creation of God and Adam and Eve. But she denied Christ’s redemption from sins. Adding, “I love Buddhism, but it seems true that there is God what you said to me”, she said.

We are able to perform children teaching at home with my youth, Mr. Aung Aung. Children enjoyed learning stories from the Bible and we taught them some English as well. “We are blessed and enjoy life as hearing from you”, children said.

As I am one of the team of KG Curriculum Maker of Dai tribe, my friend invited me to teach three hours in afternoon. I enjoyed telling about the prodigal son or the lost son’s story taken from Luke Chapter 15. After the story told, some said that they are like the bad son and a good son. They committed their lives to God after hearing the story.  

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

Prayer Request Items

1.      To have micro business.

2.    To plant Church among the least reached Gospel

3.      To have Church Planters Supporters.

4.      To support orphans