Naing: April 2018



Since last month, it became hot. It was the birthday of my son Joshua Mnai Hung who was operated at children hospital.


I invited unbeliever children at home as Feb. 18 – May 20 is the summer school holidays. I requested  their parents to send their children in order to learn English from me free of charge. It is  a way to put God’s Word in the hearts of unbelievers. If parents knew that it is Sunday School teaching, they will not be sent to me again. Free of Charge Teaching means to introduce  Jesus Christ our Savior is a free gift for human being.

My son Joshua Naing Mnai Hung was operated at Children Hospital for a week and came back and went to hospital once in week. But now I am grateful to the living God who uses his people like you to pray for healing. Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! As my family stand for the Glory of God and the Gospel Message to people, but now my son Joshua is very wealth. God permits us to celebrate (2) Year birth day. I thanked God what He has done to him with tears because God delivered us even in times of difficulties with His Hands.

By God’s mercy Mr. Isaacc Lai, the Coordinator  of Wycliffe Associates in Myanmar, is my friend and asked for me to assist him Burmese Bible Translation as he knew me that I have been translating some Christian books and booklets into Burmese language which is the officail language in Myanmar. I agreed  to his request to be one of the volunteers in Burmese Bible Translation for 12 days.

House to House evangelism or home cell  I do always to my church members, and the same time do night evangelism as I got chance when the door opens to go to their house when they are free.

Normally, I distribute Gospel tracts which talk about the Short Life Human and the Priority Life.

Mrs. Phawh Phawh, a converted woman, donated Myanmar Traditional Salad because she understands that the eternal life given by God enjoys her life, thanks God for what Jesus has paid her sins on the cross. Her donation of salad is to give thanks to God.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honored to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

  To purchase permanent residence.

   To have micro business.

    To meet finance for renting house ( to move to other house)

   To have Church Planters Supporters.

   To support orphans