Naing: March 2018



By the grace of God, after the 15th of February, we are in good health. I started working as normal. I praise God for taking care of my family. We are back for doing the ministry which is for His and not for me.


I invited unbeliever children at home as Feb. 18 – May 20 is the summer school holidays. I requested  their parents to send their children in order to learn English from me free of charge.

I went to people’s park to distribute gospel tracts. I go to door to door evangelism and my church households.


Unbelievers were taught songs and sometimes Bible Stories  including English Speaking as parents allowed to come my rented house. Some parent asked their children and realize that I taught some Christian beliefs. Two children are not allowed to come to my house because I taught them about God and His creation and children told their parents what they heard from me. Children enjoyed learning English with some activities.

Door to door evangelism or service Mr. Sar Mi and Mr. Shaw Ming from Ayeyawaddy Region came to Yangon Region to work for money in summer holidays. They were invited to join us. It is God’s timing, before they stayed to boss’ house, they were told about hell and heaven ; their answer is not sure whether to go to hell or heaven. I started telling about sins and then the redemption of Jesus Christ from the bondage of sin. By God’s grace they both came to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. They are happy. I have to say thanks to God for these two guys.

I am one of the five members to do Dai tribal (Kindergarten) curriculum-maker. We the central committee sent some learning resources (big books, flash cards, alphabet posters, and playing game cards and so on) to Dai villages. Now what I with my friends did are being taught in public schools in Dai villages. Those are Grade I, II and III.

The area I live is situated in Shwepyithar Township. We have election for fiscal 2018 – 2020, Pastors and church planters voted the nine pastors or committee. I was elected as Treasurer (1) of the new election. I praise God for participating in Shwepyithar Churches Association as one of Office Bearers (OB). Under this Association, orphanage branch, evangelism branch, children branch, theological branch and so on will be organized soon after completing Committee by-laws and Procedures.

God gives me opportunities to teach students about Church Planting Strategies and Buddhist Religion. As the students enjoy learning from some new ideas to do church planting or do missionary works among the Buddhists. The students gave me the picture of the Burma Map in honor of my teachings to them.

I distributed the booklets of Prodigal son and Jesus loves children to pastors for their church and Sunday teachers including those who are going children evangelism. I gave theological students to use their summer holidays outreach.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honoured to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

  1. To purchase permanent residence.
  2. To have micro business.
  3. To have monthly and faithful supporter
  4. To have monthly Church Planters Supporters in Kachin State, Shan State, Kayah State, Pagu Region and Yangon Region.
  5. To support orphanage homes