Naing: May 2018



Since last month, it became hotter. April is the New Year of Buddhists. It was the longest holidays in Myanmar, maybe in the world. It is a twelve-day-holiday. This year the government make it 7 days. I had a plan to go to my native village. I tried 8 days ahead of time to buy bus ticket. Every bus gate, there is no more ticket. So my plan was not completed. It was the birthday of my wife who stands with me always. Because of her I am able to carry the Gospel message to others. I go to every place, every time for evangelism because my wife Mrs. Thang Hlu Pai who manages house works very well.


The Great Commission Ministry has vision to reach the unreached villages or areas. By the Grace and mercy of God we have nine church planters among Buddhists. Southern Shan State we have two church planters:

Pastor Yaw Choi and Evangelist Tin Zaw Tun, northern Shan State one church planter: Pastor Pa Ring,  Kachin State one Church Planter: pastor Hleih Kee, Kayah State one church planter: Pastor Myo Htet Naing, Pagu Region one Church Planter: Pastor Mung, Yangon Region three Church planters: Rev. Michael Naing, Rev. Kee Lwin, and Pastor David Naing Ki.

We pray to God to do this Church planting Training and Ordination Service for a year. By God’s mercy Rev. Dr. Susanta, who have been involved in missionary works and Church Planting or pioneering  for 41 years from India  was able to come and give us training to church planters under Myanmar Great Commission Ministry. I thank God for him. Even though I am tired for doing everything, God’s strength helps me finished works.

By God’s mercy we have board members meeting at my rented house before conducting training and ordination service so that we do everything in order. As we all made  decision, we completed very well. In short, prayer is the back bone to do works wonderfully.

My wife, Thang Hlu Pai, who stands with me whether bad or good, cold or hot,  nothing to eat or having food. God leads her for 28 years old. We celebrated her birthday with friends and church members who enable to participate on April 8. Without managing house works and my children, I will never and ever lead the ministry works like this. I praise God and am thankful to my wife for being sacrificed her life in missionary works.

Since 2014, I have shared about Jesus Christ, God’s love to Mr. Mnai Bu Ling retired from Army. I visited his house twice in a week to tell about God as he is a Buddhist. After a year, he understand how Jesus Christ saves his life and how God cares and loves him. And then he moved to other town and I did not meet again. His phone number also is not available. I did not connect with him for two years. I read on Facebook that he was passed away. I went to his last funeral service to say goodbye. His funeral service was performed as Buddhist culture because his wife and children are Buddhists. Even though I told them about eternal life, they are reluctant to hear.

House to House evangelism or home-cell  I do always to my church members, and the same time do night evangelism as I got chance when the door opens to go to their house when they are free.

Normally, I distribute Gospel tracts which talk about the Short Life Human and the Priority Life.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honored to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

To purchase permanent residence.

To have monthly supporter.

To meet finance for renting house (emergency need in this month)

To have Church Planters Supporters.

To support orphans