Naing: June 2018



Since last month May, it is the hottest month of Summer. It is extremely hot and between the roof and floor is 8 feet and no ceiling. By the mercy and grace of God we did what we should do.


Mr. Thar Ka Baw was passed away, after five days, I went to distributing tracts and they recognized me I am a Christian. So, his wife invited me to encourage them at night condolence service. They were comforted on the topic: Human Beings Is A Guest or Traveler.

I went to outreach for distributing tracts which talk about the life of human beings. My friend, a Buddhist, Ms. Nilar asked me to give tracts in order to give her neighboring friends.

When I went to Mr. Mnai Bu Ling’s funeral service in Thek Gyi Township in March, I met Mrs. Aye Aye. She  is a born-again-believer and invited me to take time for sharing God’s Word in evening. They enjoyed listening the message. They invited me sometimes to visit and share God’s Word to them. There is no pastor or minister there. It took me four hours to get to there. After getting off, it needs to walk 30 minutes.

We celebrated Mothers’ Day at my house Church. We have 9 mothers, unfortunately only 6 mothers were showed up on Mothers Day. We honored and gave them present. We altogether prayed for mothers. After the service, we had refreshment: bread and cold drink.

I translated Prodigal Son and Jesus Loves Children Stories into Myanmar Language and then I distributed it to Sunday School Teachers or Ministers or Children Teachers. They made a phone call to me that the story of prodigal son’s story is not only for children but also for pastors or evangelists or preachers. “It is an inspired story for all believers” , they said.

I praise God that I am a treasurer (one of EC) of Shwepyithar Christian Churches Association (SCCA), We opened the office and started organizing branches such as Prayer Section, Evangelism Section, Orphanage Home Section, Bible College Section and so on under SCCA.

By the mercy of God we have Sunday Service regularly when Church members come. Sometimes, most of them cannot come to church because they work on Sunday and the factories called to work for overtime or the factories make workers substituted for some closed days or holidays.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honoured to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

To purchase permanent residence

To have micro business.

To meet house essential  need for renting

To have monthly supporter.

To have Church Planters Supporters.

To support orphans