Naing: July 2018



After May 25, the whole month of June, it started raining and it is raining last month. I already bought  some materials for children camp  such as books, drawing books, ballons, rubber rings, coloring pens, pens, erasers and so on. I prayed to God and I was permitted to go to village with Mr. Aung Aung. It took us 8 hours from Yangon to Taung Ngo town. We slept one night at there. The next day we kept on going to Kyuin Kung village. It took us three hours to reach village by three wheel or tiller. We reached the village early and prepared the ways to invite unbelievers’ chidlren by giving some rubber rings.  The second day most of unbelievers’ children came to the camp.


By the mercy and grace of God we have been doing Sunday Service at home always. At the same time we have Communion together with some members who was baptized into water. Sometimes we did once in a month, once in two months. It depends on my members’ holiday so that they are able to participate in breaking bread and wine. And then we have lunch fellowship after the service.

Mr. Ngah Mu and Mr. Zaw Min were heard about the Gospel of Jesus Christ through me. Mr. Ngah Mu said, “I did not hear the word Christian, I knew Buddhism and Islam Religion only. I am a pure Buddhist.”  I started sharing who I am, where I come and my testimony to him. He agreed with me to hear my story. I told him a little bit about me, and about God’s creation, man situation, Jesus and so on. He heard Good News of Jesus Redemption. I encouraged him to pray to God when you need Him any time. He thanked me for sharing the importance of life on earth. He believed God, he said. Adding, I am a real Buddhist. He agreed with me to take picture together.

Mr. Zaw Min whom I met while I am going to evangelize others. I asked permission from him to listen the importance of life before death comes. He shared about the redemption of Jesus Christ. He asked some questions, and I answered it. At last, he realized that he is unable to save his soul by his good deeds or merits. He said that he accepted what I shared. I prayed for him.

I went to Kyun Kung village, Taung Ngu township. God prepared for me because one of my old students suggested me doing children teaching there. At the same time using the Church building as it rains always. I spent two days there with children. The first day there are 40 children attended. I and Mr. Aung Aung told them stories which talk about God, Jesus. Some are with pictures so that they can see. The camp we are doing is the first experience for children. God will open the door for me to do children camp near that village as they experienced it and tell other villages what we are doing in that village. The first day 13 unbelievers’ children came to listen. They enjoyed and the next day 60 children came to listen God’s Word. 33 children are unbelievers. We taught about Jesus – the only way to get to heaven. They accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior and raised their hands, we prayed for them. And then we gave some present to each one as the first prize because we have one by one games, group games. For students we always use  exercise book, eraser, pen, pencil, which are given to all as the prize.

House to House evangelism or home-cell  I do always to my church members, and the same time do night evangelism as I got chance when the door opens to go to their house when they are free.

Normally, I distribute Gospel tracts which talk about the Short Life Human and the Priority Life.

House to House Visiting Evangelism Meetings

House to House Service does regularly.

You are honored to pray for the following Prayer Request Items:

To purchase permanent residence.

To have micro business.

To have monthly supporter.

To pay back debt for renting house

To have Church Planters Supporters.

To support orphans