Thau: June 2017

Dear Richard

we need your help to support three family. they are hard woking amoung unreached people in Rakhine State.

Or you can help one family or you can ask someone for their supporters.

Uppu People

Uppu People are from Southern Chin State, Myanmar. The Uppu is one of the 53 Chin tribes, which have been not registered nor know by the government of Myanmar since 1890.

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Thau: May 2017

Dear CMM leaders

please pray for us.

Report for outreached

We started out trip to Shan state on 7 April, 2017 and it ended on 26 April 2017. I am excited to report you about how the Lord of God moving on unreached peoples groups of  Shan, Akham, Lahu and Inh. The trip was blessed and fruit by God.

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Maung: April 2017

Dear Brother Jorge & Coworkers at CMM:

Blessed Easter Greetings from Myanmar!

I hope, you and your godly family are keeping well. Please be sure, you are in our thoughts and in prayers. Unlike last years, probably in 1988 of the beginning years of my mission organization, I am busier and little weak in strengths and abilities, especially when my hairs become white much more now! I am now 48 years of age!

My New Covenant Fellowship’s mission trip to my Eastern Khumi land for two weeks was wonderfully successful! As soon as I returned from Eastern Khumi land, I was invited to go to Western Khumi land. So, I once again took a mission trip to Western Khumi land. So, Last March and this April are my mission trip months. Praise the Lord for His wonderful providence of mission expenses and of abilities to serve for Him with all my strength and with all my beings!

I learned and experienced much during the mission trips. I could distributed the Easter pamphlets to many different people from different backgrounds and different denominations and some are from even evil spirit worship! I could support some tithes and financial relief support to suffering missionaries in my Khumi land who are serving in unreached areas [never in the Christian already areas]. I could support some clothes and gifts to poor families who truly need our love and helps. At this time, my smalll Church in Yangon also strongly involved in my outreach mission services! Praise the Lord! One special experience is at this time, I could take a mission trip even for two times by planes!

I will send my full Report in year end as my 2017 Annual Report. Below are some pictures of my mission outreach services in the Khumi land. Most of mission funds are from my local believers! The more we give, the more we ourselves bless!

Please be sure that your financial support was never in vain. Your mission-support regularly could serve the Lord’s mission in far distance land in Myanmar where you will never reach to in your lief-times; they are faithfully serving the Lord’s works – on behalf of you – but through my legs and my hands only! I myself will apply these mission methods when I also am old age like you! Many old Christian did not know this very simple way of Christian blessed service; sad!

I hope, you are enjoy reading this Mission Report and seeing my missionary pictures. I took more than 200 mission pictures! But 7 are enough, I believe!

Please let me know you get this Report; so I can know you are keeping well too!

PS: I have to take a mission trip also to Northern Shan State in the first week of coming 2017 May. If you want to serve also in Northern Shan State THROUGH me this time also, you CAN! I have no enough fund, but I will sacrifice again for the LORD. $200-$300 is needed for this mission outreach.

Serving together,

Roger Than Maung

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Campana: February 2017

Hello !

It came to my attention a few days ago that not only had I not sent the update email I had intended to send everyone but also it did not save in my drafts!

I am so very sorry for not getting this out to you all weeks ago. Thanks to you all for praying for my Hong Kong mama, baby and the rest of the family.

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Thau: December 2016

Dear sir

Praise with us. Wish you all the best in 2017 years.
God move in us to reach unreached people groups in Burma.
We reach 315 people and 18 people baptized in the December.
They need our prayer. Please pray that God will bless and keep them from evil.

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Roger Than Maung: 2016 Report

Dear Brother Jorge & Friends:

Greetings from Myanmar!

I am always ready to serve the Lord much more – on behalf of you where you are not able to go to the limited lands. Indeed, we are one body in Christ and when you are head, I am sure I am legs and hands! To God be more glorified!

Below is the Annual Report of 2016 of New Covenant Fellowship. [Note: Myanmar Missions Association is renamed as New Covenant Fellowship]. New Covenant Fellowship could faithfully does Christ’s works in Myanmar as the following:

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Campana: December 2016

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to fill you in on what’s happening here in Costa Rica. Yes I am still here, I was originally supposed to be on a plane and on my way back home. On Monday the decision was made to reschedule my flight.

My new itinerary had me flying out the morning of the Christmas Eve. This was the best and cheapest flight.

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Campana: December 2016

Hi Everyone!

I hope this email finds you all super blessed and expectant this Christmas season!

I am still in Costa Rica waiting on a baby. Which I am hopeful will arrive in the next few days. My itinerary here is tight, I arrived just days before the ‘estimated’ due date and am scheduled to leave next week. I prefer to be with these women and babies at least a week after the birth to help ensure both are doing well before my departure, though I’m not sure if that will happen this trip.

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Roger Than Maung: September 2016

Dear Brother Jorge & friends:

Greetings once again to you from Myanmar!

I hope, you and your family are keeping well. Please always sure that we are daily thinking of you and also praying for you. We are always closer one another in one Spirit!

Below are some of our Gospel literature Comments from the different tribes and different areas in Myanmar.

  • I have at times used quotes from MMA publications to try to help others. Your books are living bread for the soul. We are praying that may God provide your owned-home for your family and your MMA Office.
  • MMA publications are one of the best Spirit-filled books I have ever read since becoming a Christian some 50 years ago. It is anointed, refreshing and encouraging. May the Lord God continue to use Myanmar Missions Association to bless many MORE people just as it has blessed me all these years.
  • I am a missionary and I was now transferred to an area where communication was very difficult. I still read and use MMA books. They still refresh me and provoke me to be a watchman in this evil generation. MMA books are my co-workers in my unreached mission areas.
  • I am a Mission Director of one of Baptist Associations. MMA publications are serving together with my missionaries and MMA is reaching far for more even to where we could not go! We worry for not to print and not to distribute more of MMA books for God’s Kingdom sake. MMA equips with the Word of God and gives us the passion to carry God’s Living WORD to others.
  • Thank you so much for the Truth and challenges of God’s Word in MMA books which we received from MMA. My friend very requested me to give him this one copy and so finally I passed it on to this local preacher in a village who finds it a great help in his ministry around the local churches. We were blessed!
  • I thank the Lord for the messages in MMA Literature that bring the Light of the WORD of God in our homes. We daily use MMA publications as night devotions of my family. God bless MMA nonstop with His grace and lead all of you from glory to glory.
  • Our Bible College has been blessed by MMA publications. We made copies and passed on to each students. Bible students enjoy in study of MMA Christian literature. We will be praying regularly for MMA/Eagle Mission of Myanmar.
  • I am a pastor and I was seeing some of MMA books through one of my friends to whom I visited. Please can you help me sending one or all of MMA books. These spiritual empowered materials will be used for God’s glory in our areas. Much thanks!

Dear Brother Jorge/ you once again enjoyed this MMA Report for this month, August, I believe! I regularly received many comments from some MMA readers. I do believe that you will continue help me for coming mission works to be done by MMA/Eagle Missions of Myanmar. I am a still a homeless pastor for over 28 years since I served the Lord since 1988. Please help pray for my family and my godly commitment for the Lord. Thank you very much.

Dear Brother Jorge/ you are in our heart. You are not only in our heart, but also in the inner heart of my Khumi people and and of Myanmar also! Sometimes, I thought how I can meet you in person. But according to my condition, no hope to meet you from me. SAD! However, you are in my closest heart that no one can see and no one can touch! May the LORD our God wonderfully bless you with long life, with comfortable living and with much more blessings is our daily prayers.

Serving together,

Roger Than Maung

Eagle Mission of Myanmar

Myanmar Missions Association