Joseph ThauThau

ProfileJoseph ThauThau

Joseph ThauThau plants churches, educates and trains leaders, and teaches the Bible to many hungry souls in this oppressed land. Tonight thousands of unreached people in Myanmar will go to bed hungry for food as well as redemption of God,salvation of God, love of God and life of life that we have in only in Jesus Christ. Our vision is to stand with the persecuted church in Myanmar. Joseph is married to Esther and has three children.

Mission: Report for 2014 year of Mission

  1. Fed 75 children and gave education
  2. Preached to 2000 people
  3. Won 72 people
  4. Baptized 53 people
  5. Outreach to four new mission fields
  6. Planted 2 new churches
  7. Equipt 7 students for church planting
  8. Gave 5000 gospel tracts
  9. Fed 200 poor families

How blessed we are! The opportunity ahead of us in 2015 is historic.

Mission to Unreached Orphanage Children

The Word Mission started the Children’s Orphanage Home in 2001. It is a place where the hopeless orphans and children find hope, parent-less children find parents and family care, and illiterate orphans and children will become literate and educated.

  • Purpose
    To share with the children the answer to the eternal need the Lord Jesus Christ, for the building up of theBody of Christ. To reduce poverty, illiteracy and instability.
  • Vision
    To uplift the children in the realms of their education, social, spiritual and physical lives. To help them reach their destinies. To give them some practical training to support themselves in the future.
  • Why they are coming to The Word Mission?
    1. Parents died
    2. Divorced parents
    3. Poverty
    4. Educational needs
    5. Their parents’ inability to work due to physical infirmities.
    6. Imprisoned Parents
    7. Their parents have abandoned to them
    8. Illiteracy
    9. Social life of the community
  • What is ‘The Word Mission’ doing for their future?
    1. We care for their needs
    2. We support for their education
    3. We try to help them reach their destiny in some way.
    4. We give them some practical training to support themselves in the future

This ministry is one part of ‘The Word Mission’. Our work is teaching the children about the salvation of Jesus and the Bible, helping to feed and clothe them, along with assisting the children with school and anything they need including medical needs. This gives the child an opportunity to be introduced to a local Bible preaching church where they can also grow spiritually in Christ. By doing this ministry, TWM can reach many souls for the Lord.