Roger Than Maung

Dear Mission Friends:

I am very thankful to you for your prayers and support into Missions in Myanmar. Your prayers and support enabled us to reach thousands of people in 2012 and your continuing support will help continue missions work in 2013 (and future years) also.

Here are some highlights from our outreach missions in 2012:

  1. Freely distributed Christian literature to Bible schools, churches and libraries and to   non-Christians and nominal Christians through the following mission methods and tools:
    • Bibles: 300
    • Christian books: 200
    • Christian magazines: over 500
    • Gospel tracts and booklets: over 50,000
    • Gospel pamphlets: over 100,000
  2. Mission trips to Yangon areas and unreached mission areas; went by the local missionaries with the Association of Bible-believing Churches In Myanmar [ABCM].
  3. Over 50 people were baptized and saved.
  4.  Over 50,000 heard the Good News of Jesus Christ through our face-to-face witnessing on foot.
  5. Quarterly, we supported 1 Widow and her one daughter and family members.
  6. Gave Christmas Gifts to the children in December.
  7. Helped poor families by giving some relief and aid.
  8. Roger Than Maung himself preached 115 sermons [71 times in 2011].
  9. 50 days of fasting and prayer done by Roger Than Maung from January 5 to 12.12.12.
  10. Quarterly Bible-based conservative fellowship meetings and seminars. This was done in the 26 churches under the ABCM.
  11. Quarterly Youth fellowship and training. This was done in the 26 churches under the ABCM.
  12. Quarterly Women for Christ fellowship and seminars. This was done in the 26 churches under the ABCM.
  13. Quarterly Sunday School exams. This was done in the 26 churches under the ABCM.
  14. One time Pastor’s Leadership and training seminar. It was done in one Rengcaa area, Khumi Land.
  15. Weekly training of Myanmar School of Prophetic Missions [MSPM]
  16. Monthly Word of Prophecy Fellowship and seminars.
  17. Monthly Prayer Meetings for Israel and the Middle East.

Thank you for your prayer and support throughout the year 2012: without your help it would have been impossible. We request that you would please continue to support us monthly. We need you to partner with us in missions.

Our Mission Projects for this year (2013):

  1. Continuation of freely distributing Christian literature.
  2. Mission trips to two mission fields: Khumi Land and Wa Land.
  3. To extend our weekly MSPM to three years academic level – yearly from June 2013 to February 2014.
  4. To support key missionaries monthly.
  5. To be able to buy an headquarter premises in Yangon.

Please pray for these missions goals. We are independent and we do not have regular sponsors from abroad. Your monthly offerings will enable us to reach the unreached. Thank you very much for your care and concern. God bless your jobs and your families wonderfully in 2013!


Roger Than Maung
Myanmar (Burma) Missions Association