Michael Naing



  • To plant churches among the least reached areas in the whole Myanmar
  • To train and equip new converts in order to evangelize others
  • To open Missionary School for training people and send them as missionary in unreached areas.
  • To open private primary school for reaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ to unbelievers’ children
  • To care orphans and the disadvantaged children educationally, physically and spiritually.


  • Church Planting
  • Children Evangelism
  • Orphanage Care
  • Door to Door Evangelism
  • Gospel Tract Distribution

I never and ever thought that God will use me to lay hands and the sick will restore. But God uses me if it is essential to Him, God healed through my prayer.

I shared God’s word, the hearers demand me to make them baptized in water. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit helps me to see something in the hearts of man if necessary.

Mrs. Thang Hlu Pai (Wife), Ms. Mercy Sen Naing ( Daughter), Ms. Anna Naing Khei (Daughter), Mr. Joshua Naing Mnai Hung ( Son), Ms. Yaw Gay ( Caring), Mr. Hung Naing


My name is Rev. Michael Hung Naing. I was born on January 5, 1977 at Athet Chaing village, hilly village, Mindat Township, Southern Chin state. Both of my parents were passed away: my father at the end of 1977 and my mother in the early year of 1979. They practiced worshiping Animism because all Dai tribe known as an unreached people, believe in this tribal religion.

After the absence of parents, I lived with my uncle’s family. Unfortunately, even though he gave me promise to send High School and University, he died of Dysentery on July 2, 1992 as well while I was in Middle School. My uncle left me including his wife and small children. We began facing difficulties even since my uncle was died. At that time, everything is on my head.

When I was 7 years old, my uncle sent me Primary School. Since that time, while I always yearned for my parents’ love and care in my heart and mind,  the tears streamed down my face. When I was in Primary School at the age of 9, I was baptized by Rev. Ling Yaw from Presbyterian Church. From that time I became a nominal Christian. I didn’t get any chance to attend Church services by dint of a non-Christian family. That water baptism made me observe the Christian ethics in Presbyterian Church.

Due to Dai tradition it is not easy to live with any relatives as an orphan, I am, under the control my uncle family. Sometimes, I went to worship service furtively. I went to work on Sundays except high days and holidays. By God’s grace, when I was attending Auck Chaing Middle School which is far from my native village to four miles, I took advantage of going to Sundays’ and Wednesdays’ night worship service. While I was in Mindat High School, I took part in youth members actively.

But I was not satisfied with being nominal Christian. I felt that something is essential in my heart and mind. One day, the early year of 1999, I kept on asking myself with the questions, “ even if I were dead, will I arrive in Heavenly City where never longs for love, care, a broken and contrite heart, father and mother, etc., etc.,?” Then the Lord delivered me from that awkward predicament in a unique way and is now serving my Savior many ways as a director of Christ’s Great Commission Ministry.

I always pray to God to experience a newborn in Christ. For this I requested Pastors, ministers, and my friends at many times. Unexpectedly, I came across one of pastors on the way while coming back from fieldwork. He told me that there will be camping in Mindat town and that will be led by Gospel Baptist Church leaders. As soon as I heard, I decided to go to that camp. God’s mercy I arrived Mindat town safely on foot for two days. I enrolled my name to the session where they taught people the topics: How Jesus saves sinners, sets us free from the bondage, and God’s grace, faith, sin, etc.

By that camp, I experienced a newborn in Christ and accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior on May 25, 1999. I submitted my life to God for His Gospel message. My life was sacrificed to Giver of eternal life to me. What a wonderful experience life in Christ it is!! What I had felt in my heart and mind in the past are disappeared. My joyfulness to be with Heavenly Father cannot be expressed by words of my mouth. I realized that God gives me life, and cares me for His Great Commission Mission for my country. My newborn in Christ always makes enthusiastic about serving God. My commitment and my great job in life are to take refuge, to put trust in God and to stand for spreading the Gospel in my country.

The Reasons why I Serve God: How can I live without telling about the God’s redemption through Jesus Christ, who saved my life from the bondage of sin? Therefore, I serve and know whom I believe in my life and the country of Buddhism. My special verse is taken from Matthew 28:19,20. I served God because He assisted me Matriculation Examination with Mathematics’ Distinction as I promised Him. Besides, He showed me many miraculous things to serve Him when praying wholeheartedly to Him.

Before I tried to work for money, I asked God. God saved me my life from car accident. Till today in Christian history, I did not read and hear that pastors or missionaries said, “I am so sorry for serving God and giving my life for Him.” Before I tried to work for money, I asked God. God saved me my life from car accident.