Soe Naing and Boih Uk

Dear Friends,

I’m based in Eastern Shan State of Myanmar, which borders with Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Lao, so called Golden Triangle Land. I have been here for almost two years and during these I have helped and trained over 10 children for their education and to know and experience Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, while their parents are atheists.

I traveled around these bordering places to do research on unreached people groups and unreached villages for the Gospel.

There still remain many unreached peoples and villages, which even the likes of the Joshua Project did not know. I could do it by helping of some native friends. I found only a few chances to share the gospel but most of the time we did for prophetic words (proclamations) and action.

“Christ is the Lord, Christ is the Lord, every tongue and tribe must bow down before Him” (See Phil.2). The Holy Spirit has put in our mouths such word for them. We believe that God will bring us to see results for great change. I found MorningStar while I was seeking to know some information on unreached people groups in Myanmar (Burma). I got some information from your mission in Burma with Jospeh Thau and I realized you all emphasize in this manner unreached people groups.

Let me share you my Vision

I am from Chin tribe and from Chin State. Here in Myanmar (Burma) most ministers are from Chin. Over 90 percent are christian, needing revival again and again. This has also happened by God’s grace and His people’s intercession. After the ministry of Dr. Carson, some of God’s men and women set a vision called “Chin for Chrsit in One Century” (CCOC), with young people. Finally they have finished well by God’s grace.

Now, our time has come again, and we believe that we chin are a chosen people to bring the gospel to Burma at end time. I hear this word always:”Every tribe, Every tribe!” for what? For Christ. Yes. And then I see Jonh’s vision as in revelation. Why I have to do it? The Gospel! So I am called to run with this vision to the unreached people groups, which we have called “the Gospel for Every Tribe”(GET team).

Now I am starting and praying to get some young men and women who have passion for the lost, burden for their people, fear nothing but God. If I get around 15 people, I know I can begin to get the team running. Our needs are for mission work supplies, to hunger for God more and for trainers to teach intercession and prayer.

Financially, we believe that we can run for training’s need but will be need for transporting for Motorcicles for at least 3. We need intercession team for us. Our focuse are to bordering places of between Myanmar and thai, Lao. After we return form the frist trip, we will called again for some new young people to train and to do one more tripe untill we reached all these boadering lines.

If you are interested in it or have another vision for it, you can send your team to meet at Mai Sei, Thailand. You can help any way as God touches you. I believe that we will be more strong and can make big difference with you all.

Evn. Soe Naing & Boih Uk
Gospel For Every Tribe & Children
Eastern Shan State Of Myanmar