Covert in Burma: March 14 2012

Report for February 2012’s outreach

We started our trip to Chin Pum Land on 12 Feb 2012, and it ended on 7 March 2012. I am excited to report to you about how the Spirit of the Lord is moving on unreached peoples groups of Chin Pum. The trip was fruitful and blessed by God. Our trip to Chin Pum land was an amazing journey with God.

1. How we got there:

We go to Maygone Division by Bus in one day and one night. After then we went to Rakhine State by small jeer car  (a whole day). And then we had go to Chin Pum land by motorcycle (1 day) because cars cannot get there . And then we walked by foot for 5 days until we reach Chin Pum village. We crossed rivers, streams, brooks, hills, mountain, mountain rage, mountain pass, valley’s… and preached the salvation of Jesus to village people whether we had the time or not. Sometimes we slept on mountain if we could not get to another village in one day. No transportation, no road. Some time we made our own road to reach another village. Because the villagers had not used the road for many years. It is hard to go there… but Jesus has commanded us to go everywhere. We do not want to refuse His great commission to go. The people in the village were very grateful for our visit. It took a major effort to make it to the village. It took us 10 days to travel from Yangon to the Chin Pum village. On the foot to Chin Pum land can we were able see some animals like bear, deer and bison.

2. How we did the outreach:

We had Bible studies at night, and did outreach in the day time at village. We preached the gospel from village to village, after house to house and after a person to person. We even proclaimed the salvation of Jesus to village people at a stream where they were fishing and in the field where they were working.

3. How the Spirit of God was moving:

During the month of February 2012, The Word Mission outreach distributed over 1500 gospel tracts, doing a seminar at one place, and reaching 6 villages of Chin Pum. By God’s grace we won 45 people for the Lord. Amen! Many of these village people and church planters don’t even own a Bible, so how can they teach what they cannot even read?.. Some of them said they teach out of tracts and magazines. Something they kept telling us again and again was that they had never heard teaching like this. Their attentive listening made preaching a delight as it seemed to draw it out of you.

We were very blessed with the hunger of these Chin Pum people for the Word of God. They seemed to drink in the teaching and were very thankful for all they could get. What a joy it was to teach on salvation of Jesus Christ and see them very eagerly receiving it! I think I will always remember one older woman that couldn’t walk and had been a Buddhist for 40 years and had never heard anything like this. I was greatly blessed and have been very glad for the opportunity to serve the Lord in this way. Majority of Chin Pun Land lives in Mountainous areas. They meet their daily needs through hunting and a “shifting cultivation” system. Hardships and dangers were many. Thirsty for the Living Word of God is so great. There are many, many Chin Pum, WuTu and Rakhine people to harvest, but there are no workers to help harvest them.

4. Praise the Lord with us:

1. We did one seminar at Chin Pum village.
2. There are 45 Chin Pum people that accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, and 12 people that I baptized.
3. Three people received healing by the power of the Holy Ghost.
4. We had reached six Chin Pum villages.
5. We have been given 1500 gospel tracts to the people of Burma, Dain Chin, and Chin Pum.
6. While I was teaching the Word of God at Chin Pum village, a new baby was born. I dedicated the child to the Lord and named him Joshua. Praise the Lord with us.

5. The voice calling:

The people of Chin Pum still need the pure gospel that gives life and exalts the nation today. Unbelievably, there are many Chin Pum people (over 250000 population) that are the unreached yet as of today. You are warmly invited to reach those people to take them to Christ. It is a really great challenge to our faith knowing about these “uncivilized” (unreached) peoples. That is were we find those that are thirsty for the truth, in reading of any news paper and watching T.V. It’s not enough to hear the voice of their crying and watching of their pitiable pictures. Now is the time for us to save and bring them to the Lord from their unending pains and bondage of the hand of world’s prince.

The Word Mission has experience in identifying with them and has realized that those which are in darkness must not die without Christ. As Paul heard the voice of Macedonian, The Word Mission has heard the voice of Chin Pum people. Do you hear them? If so, the Lord really needs you for Him there. Making disciples is the heart of The Word Mission. . The Chin Pum people need the gospel. The need and calling are great.

6. Urgent prayer request:

1. Pray for new believers to grow and delight in the Lord Jesus.
2. Pray for Chin Pum People, they may have the knowledge of the salvation in Jesus Christ.
3. Pray for the Chin Pum children in the Rakhine State, Chin State, and Maygone Division region. Most of the Chin Pum children are not in school, because there is no Government school in most Chin Pun land and not able to support their Education through their parents.
4. Pray for the Chin Pum town and village. In many of the Chin Pum villages there is no transportation, no church, no school, and no medical care, so on.
6. Pray for The Word Mission, that she will reach more unreached people groups in Chin Pum Land.
7. The village has no medical services, no Government school and the people would really love to have a clinic and school in their village.
8. We sent one girl to Chin Pum land in 2011. She has done well by God’s grace. She has won 21 Chin Pum people within one year and take care 17 children with God’s help.. Your support has made alive the Chin Pum people and allowed her to win her own people for the Lord. She tells us that she needs to get Nurse training to help her own people. Because the most villiage people die from malaria, miscarriage, gastric, pulmonary, hemorrhoids, diahorrea, dysentery, scabies or coryza. They want to buy medicine, pills, tablets, antipyretic, but there is no clinic. If someone from the village is getting sick and needs medicine, they must go to town on foot (taking four days) where there is medicine available. There is no telephone. If they want to call us, they come to town (four days) where there is a telephone available. She needs $229 for three months of Nurse training, and $110 for three months daily Bus fee (she needs a total $339 for the three months of Nurse Training).
9. This year (2012) we sent our two graduated students to the Chin Pum mission field for church planting among Chin Pum people. God needs 150$ per month to support these three church planters in the Chin Pum mission filed.
10. God needs 25$ per monthly for Chin Pum child sponsorship for their education, health, food, books, pens, etc.

I definitely need your prayers and support in this church planting. With your support 2012 will be the greatest year yet. I am counting on God to work through you so we together can answer the call to the Chin Pum people. May the Lord bless you for every prayer you pray and very seed you sow.

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