U Than Maung

Introducing About Myanmar Missions Association: Its Missions and Ministries

About Myanmar Missions Association
Myanmar Missions Association is started since 1988 with Christian literature ministry before and later it organized as an association on March 23. 1990. MMA is an interdenominational and non-profit full-time mission organization. We are volunteers. We are called to equip the underprivileged persons in becoming rooted, grounded and established in the Word of God by teaching and giving trainings them to give the Truth first place in their lives.

The Vision

As we proclaim Jesus, the Christ, our goal is to make the unreached peoples know who Jesus Christ the Savior of the world and to make disciples of Jesus Christ where there is NO churches, with simplicity and understanding. We want to be one drop of rain in wilderness instead of MUCH rains in the heavily raining lands. The vision is being accomplished through the local Churches, personal mission outreach, mission trainings, Bible literature and some charity helps.

Our Purposes

  1. To reach the unreached
  2. To equip the believers of Jesus Christ to win to Christ where the Word of God is a great demand.
  3. To plant new churches
  4. To fulfill the Great Commission by proving Bibles, Bible literature and other form of aid such as CDs and VCDs
  5. To give relief to those who are in the different victims.
  6. To establish the uniting body of Jesus Christ through rich and varied mission partnerships
  7. To bring helps and hopes to communities in need
Myanmar Missions Association has established several dynamic missions designed to train, encourage and support the unreached peoples through projects geared toward their spiritual and social developments. Services include:
  1. Individual Mission: face to face mission outreaches
  2. Trainings Aid: Non-profit
  3. Free Gospel Literature Distribution: booklets and tracts
  4. Feed The Children

Mission Plans

One year programs for 2015 are:
  1. To conduct only one 7 days Leadership Conference for the local leaders – the pastors, missionaries, evangelists, deacons and Church workers. This Leadership Conference is to be conducted in mission field or in Yangon Headquarters once and for all.
  2. To go Stateside Assignment by the President of the Myanmar Missions Association; which is compulsory.
  3. To do the first 50 days Discipleship Training in Yangon to produce trainers for trainings program for the local churches. This vital program is programmed to start in November – December 2015.

Third 10 Years Mission Project of the following Building Up Period/Decade[2011-2021]:

  1. To produce 50 volunteer missionaries and new coworkers.
  2. To win at least 300 new disciples/new believers to Christ.
  3. To extend mission fields and partnership in mission into the following ethnic groups in Myanmar- such as Mro Khumi Chin, Rakhine and Na-nga mission fields.
  4. To build our churches with wood
  5. To conduct leadership seminars
  6. To provide the official needs for headquarters: Yangon and Khumi Land
  7. To provide the following basic needs for missions:
    1. To buy or build one Headquarters Building
    2. Mission Training School
    3. Student boarding houses amongst very poor mission fields
    4. Orphanage house
    5. Medical Center
    6. Development and vocational trainings
    7. One Printing Press and Publication

Our Staff 

  1. Roger Than Maung : President
  2. Mrs. Grace Eht Lowm : Secretary & Treasurer
  3. David Lian Thang : Member & Field Director of Khumi land
  4. Matushalah : Member
  5. Ka Yawk : Member
  6. Tha Loen: Member
  7. Mrs. Am Tau: Member

Our annual financial report is yearly taken on December 31st. Our local mission income and expenditure do not come directly to Yangon headquarters because local churches’ funds are to be used by themselves in the ministries and missions of the local churches – it is in accordance with our localism. Most of our budgets are not by the currency and we just valued as the currency upon the donated resources of at low-cost – such as clothes, books, local products and chickens, hen’s eggs and other animals, etc. Myanmar Missions Association is supported by independently self-help.