by Jorge Parrott, MorningStar/CM Missions Director


Native Evangelist Friend Allowed To Minister in Maximum Security Prison

Our dear MS/CMM friend and MSU College of Theology Doctoral student, who is truly an apostolic leader in this nation, recently played baseball with the prisoners and then began to preach loudly in the center of the prison yard. A prison official started to shut it down, but the spirit of the Lord won out. As our friend, (whose name we cannot mention) shared the love of Jesus silence fell over the entire prison.

When he gave the invitation to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, every prisoner prayed the sinner’s prayer. Afterwards, the guards asked if the visiting team would play them. A double header was played as many were refreshed and having fun. At the end, another altar call was given and every guard gave their life to Jesus as well.

The final number of salvations through this one ministry in Cuba in 2012 totals close to 17,000. God is moving mightily indeed.

Covert Missions Asia:
Islamic Death Threats Cannot Stop God’s Love. We cannot mention the name or location of our friend as he has a death warrant on his head from Islamic extremists and is hidden in a U.N. refugee camp. This apostolic leader continues to plant churches even while in forced exile. Read more “Exciting Frontline News From the Vineyards of the Lord January 2013”

by Jorge Parrott
Hello Missionaries and Friends of MorningStar Missions,

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This month includes an article by me about increasing persecution some of our missionaries are facing in some parts of the world. We ask you to pray for the persecuted church in many nations.

We invite you to check out our new web site that our webmaster, Nancy Daniel, has been working very hard on for many months. Each of our missionaries will have their own page(s) and their own url address to help promote and educate viewers about their ministry. We ask your patience as we are still having volunteer interns from MSU help upload data and updates to the site. Please email your feedback to

Please send us your prayer requests for our intercessors to lift up your needs to our Father God. We love you and desire that you persevere in your fulfilling of God’s plan by faith.

Psalm 2:8 “Ask of Me and I will give you the nations for your inheritance.”

Article: by Jorge Parrott, MorningStar/CMM Missions Director

We see the great harvest coming as darkness is covering the earth. The glory of the Lord will shine brighter and brighter on us in the days ahead. Many leaders are saying the global body of Christ is entering its finest hour. While many people in the West are facing the most challenging times of their lives, I want to update you that many brothers and sisters in the Lord are serving with MorningStar Missions who are facing death, imprisonment, and the loss of homes and churches, some even becoming refugees. Read more “MorningStar Missionaries Facing Increasing Persecution”

This week we have a team from Boston and Chicago traveling to Uganda, another team from Upstate New York and Charlotte traveling to Haiti and yet another team of midwives traveling to the Dominican Republic. Thank you for your prayers and provision to make this possible.

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