Chickens and Goats: You Can Change a Life For Under $40

Visiting India in both tribal areas and local communities I found that there were families that just eat rice with very little on top of it. So I inquired of our host, “How much would it cost me to provide a chicken and a rooster for one family?” The answer was shocking. Did you ever feel you want to make an impact on someone but have nothing or very little to give? If that is you this is your chance! For very little money, you can provide a chicken and rooster for a family. With a little more money they will buy their own supplies and make a chicken coop. This is an amazing gift.

This is not just for India, in Malawi you can change the life of a village with something as simple as chickens or goats. We are so pleased to offer you the opportunity to be a part of something that takes so little but gives so much.

These projects will help reach more people in targeted areas with sustainability. Provision of goats and chickens will also create a source of animal manure which is vital in growing vegetables. The goats and chickens will also be a source of protein through milk and meat products.