Smith: December 2010

The Lord introduced Randy & Angela to each other by divine appointment in August 1997 at the Passion for Jesus conference in Kansas City, MO. That is where we have started with this adventure He leads us on. Though we knew each other only a little except from conferences, the Lord spoke to us individually, and He confirmed to us, from both families and trusted friends that we were to be together. Finally, God united us in marriage on Christmas day 1999, in Hong Kong and we followed that with a thanksgiving ceremony in Iowa on January 15, 2000. Then according to Deut. 24:5, we obeyed the Lord and settled in Iowa for the first year and a half to build up a firm foundation in our marriage before we moved forward to our next stage. Angela has been a minister in Hong Kong since 1992. Before we got married, He had placed Asia in Randy heart and called him into ministry. As to obey His guidance, we moved to North Carolina in August of 2001 and Randy attended MorningStar School of Ministry. Randy completed the school in June of 2003 and both of us were on staff at MorningStar Ministries for about three years in different departments and served as leaders of prophetic and healing teams.

We had wanted to come back to Asia for a couple of years to serve, but we just never felt the release and timing of the Lord to do so. But in July of 2005 a door was opened up to us and we felt He was leading us to move to Hong Kong. By the grace of God, on August 22nd, we were Ordained by MorningStar Fellowship of Ministries and sent out to do the Lord’s work. Around the same period of time, we were also received by Christ’s Mandate for Missions (CMM) as missionaries/members. We are currently establishing ourselves in the land and we have seen the favor of the Lord do some miraculous things on our behalf. After Randy arrived here on Chinese New Year Day Jan 28th, 2006, we inquired about getting his visa. We were told by different parties that it could take at least 4-6 weeks to get a visa after we handed in our application form. Even when we went to ask questions and fill out the forms, the Immigration Officer gave us an interview date and he also told us that it would probably take at least 4-6 weeks after the interview before Randy could get the visa. But amazingly, twelve days later, we went for the interview, we took a number and waited, about 45 minutes later, not only did Randy have his visa but the Officer suggested that he also apply for his Hong Kong Identification Card and 45 minutes later Randy received his temporary Identification card! Praise the Lord! He is so awesome!
We have many connections with many churches and ministries in Hong Kong but we have been too busy, so we are waiting for the best timing to connect with them again. Recently, the Lord showed us He would reach the city through the market place. We have been friends with Barbara Chan who heads up Harvest Evangelism’s Hong Kong chapter of Market Place Ministries and we have a desire to work beside them. We feel the best way to keep market place ministers motivated in the work place and to bring the Kingdom of God there is for them to know: 1). intimacy with God; 2). their giftings and callings; 3). to be able to hear His voice even in the midst of chaos. Therefore, as God opens doors for us, we are hoping to provide the training for people to know these things in a practical way. In the process we will also ask the Lord to bring those who will be leaders that we can train, to also train others, to plant churches or whatever their callings may be. The Lord has given to His all children gifts and callings; they just need a little help in identifying them and to be released into their destiny. Jesus said His sheep know His voice and all any of us need is a little help to recognize it and then practice hearing it. With this basic knowledge in the hands of a believer they can storm the gates of hell and bring forth the Kingdom of God into the work place. It is the one place where a working person (market place minister) spends the majority of their time. So that is the place that we should bring forth His Kingdom effectively. This can be done without sacrificing a high standard of excellence in the work we do. Besides, how much better of a job could we do if we are bringing Jesus to work along side of us each day? If you want to build relationships and touch the lives of others, there is not a better place than where and with whom you are spending over 40 hours a week with! We are simply some humble, hungry vessels letting Jesus shine through us to be a blessing to the nations. We want to see people being raised up so they can be a blessing to others. The reality is, with love, faith, patient and prayer, nothing is impossible to those who believe. We, as the body of Christ, can take the city for Jesus in due time, then the nation.

You can change a nation(s), but only by His grace. You can help with Church Planting, Disaster Relief, Well Drilling, School Curriculum, Teachers and Pastoral Training, Church and School Construction, Travel funds for team members, Medical, Educational, Pastoral staff salaries.