Smith: April 2007

Update April 7, 2007

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus. Sorry it has been so long since our last update and I will do my best to be concise.

Through the giving of a prophetic word the Lord connected us with a Methodist like Church in Iowa last July. In December he connected us with the Methodist School (equivalent to high school in the US) here in Hong Kong.

Because of the health of my parents and what the Lord is doing, Angela will stay and work with Methodist School as a Chaplain and work to bring about revival that the principle would like to see at the school. The Lord has already began this work as on Angela¡¦s last day of work in December at their annual evangelical meeting they had over 100 students responded to give their lives to the Lord compared to zero last year! There are some powerful things taking place in peoples lives there. And I feel the Lord really wants us to maintain a presence in Hong Kong.

I will be returning to Iowa April 10th to remodel Mom¡¦s home and to help rehabilitate my parents so that they can return home. Because of the nursing home system in the US they can not receive the care they need to get well enough to return home. So we are praying the Lord will bless my efforts and restore them quickly. I also need Him to heal my back so I can do this work on the house and that He would give us favor with friends and family to get the remodeling done quickly and affordably. When I have time I will be training and ministering to the people from the Methodist like Church to equip them to fulfill God¡¦s purposes in and through their lives.

We covet your prayers and any support you can give us during this time that Angela and I will be in different places as I will miss her greatly. She is my best friend and my gift from the Lord. This will be the hardest time we have had to walk through. She will be our presence in Hong Kong and making a difference here as the Lord uses her powerfully and lays the foundation for the transformation we believe He will bring to Hong Kong beginning with the Methodist School. We have great hope and expectation for His Spirit moving in a mighty way here and into China. We thank the Lord for you and all He is doing in and through you and we bless you for increase more than you can imagine. Greater is He that is in you than who is in the world.

In Him Who is Faithful & True,
Randy & Angela