Happy New Year!
Jana and I are deeply appreciative of the relationships and times of ministry together over the years in many nations.  We remember fondly doing life together in Central and South America, the Hawaiian Islands, French Polynesia, New Zealand, Fiji,  other South Pacific Nations, as well as the United States of America!  As we enter into 2019, we are taking a moment to drink from the gift you are to God, the gift you are to others and the gift you have been to us and our family!  We seek the greatest blessings God can bestow upon you, your loved ones and your ministries!

This is a season where the Spirit of God says, “It’s Time!! It’s Time”, No more delay!  A season of divine turnarounds, rapidly repositioning you, new paths, new rivers, new income streams, accelerated answers, swift shiftings into accessing the promises of God for your lives.

The number 9 is a fascinating one. When written in the ancient Hebrew form, it resembles a number of things

  • a womb
  • a basket
  • a coiled snake

God in the NOW is bringing to the birth, just like a woman carries a child for 9 months, so now it is coming forth in 2019.  Dreams, visions, callings in your life that have been dormant for years, the above and beyond will now come forth as the 9 months have passed.  The seasons of discomfort in carrying the vision, the pain of waiting, is over.  As you give birth, you will become a womb for many others, to bring to the birth their dreams and visions, their sound, the unique expression to the Lord that they carry will come forth.

The basket represents plenty, abundance, that which holds the fruit and bread of life.  Paul was let down in a basket and escaped death and in this season, the plots, machinations, and schemes of the enemy will not prevail but a new season of being able to fulfill all God has for you is upon you.  The basket will be full, provision will be released and financial capacity will be to the brim till it overflows into your lives and through your lives into humanity.

It is fascinating that the number 9 also resembles a coiled snake, one ready to strike.  In 2019 as you accept the truth of your life being the womb and the basket, there will always be a snake coiled and ready to strike but I was shown that in this season of blessing, fruitfulness, fulfillment and prosperity, you will not be bitten by the snake if your hearts are like Psalm 19, only for the glory of God. The number One is before the number Nine and as you make Jesus your everything,  your one passion, your one source of pleasure with heart burning for Him to be glorified and exalted, the snake will not strike but watch as your womb gives birth more and more of what is inside you and your basket overflows abundantly in every direction.

Jana and I pray the Spirit of God come upon you right now in the name of Jesus and His fresh lifegiving presence overwhelm you and saturate you with Himself.  That all things become new and faith is birthed in your hearts as never before to know that you know that you know that indeed 2019 is going to be the most incredible season for you, your families, your ministries and every calling, dream, destiny, and purpose is empowered now in Jesus name!

Happy New Year! Earl and Jana