With this letter, I want to update you about our ministry, life and the
challenges that we had these past months.

OCTOBER: In October God fulfilled a long-time dream we had – to train poor kids from the gypsy ghetto. Our goal is to help them learn the power of knowledge and better education. In our church, about 10 % of the members are professional teachers – Math, Bulgarian, foreign languages, Music and art. The children who participate are 7th grade. It the end of the 7th grade all children have tests on Bulgarian and Math and with these grades, these children will apply for high school. We are offering these poor kids free lessons – Math and Bulgarian with the idea to help them to go to better school and to have better future and better jobs and to break the vicious cycle of poverty. We offer snacks and a free card for
public transport – a bus. All of this is possible because of the financial, prayer and logistical support of Doug and Kimberley McEwen and Hearts on fire Ministries – Calgary, Canada.

At the end of October, we hosted a “Train the Trainers” training of Awana. The team was from different places around Bulgaria and during the 3 days training really stick together. We had the real privilege to have as trainer Tom Chilton – Area Director Europe and North Asia, who was very patient with us. We had a lot of fun learning new ways to reach the children and how to become an Awana clubs.

Right after the end of Train the Trainers meeting we left for Germany where we participated in the Activate training and where I was one of the translators and Iliana was leading the worship. The church of pastor Wayne Neuper in Dresden organized and prepared our stay there and we had a time of activating our gift and calls. It was very practical training and opportunity here and to observe the process of how a small church grew from 50 to 1200 members for 18 years.

We conducted a couples week after “Train the Trainers” training we had our next training of Awana Seed Planters. The training was very intensive and for 3 days we needed to cover material and training for 5 days. We had more than 30 churches which were involved in the training and we had a lot of teaching, coaching and games together. We have been blessed to have Tom Chilton and Eddie Hester with us who oversaw the training.

The next day after the Seed Planters we left for Kurdzali where with few brothers from our region we participated in a conference for the Kurdzali region. The conference was organized from pastor Hari Atanasov and John Putman. They invited some ministers from USA and the conference was over the topic of Freedom. I had the privilege to preach at two of the sessions. After all we had a wonderful time with workshops and sharing with each other our experience.

DECEMBER: At the end of November and the beginning of December we traveled to Burgas where we translated the next part of the training: Activate. Together with about 30 pastors, we spent 3 days encouraging each other and digging deeper and deeper in the Word. We have been very blessed to have Wayne Neuper again in Bulgaria.

In December we were blessed to receive a Christmas package to travel to Great Britain. Because of this we were able to bring a lot of joy and to bless many families for Christmas.

In December we continued to visit the church in the village of Sarnevo where the local pastor left a year ago. We continue to encourage one of the local leaders to grow and take responsibility for the church.

We also had a service in the town of Galabovo where we had very strong presence and God confirmed His word with healings and deliverance.