We are writing to ask that you would step up your prayers for us and this ministry during this time. If you are a pastor, would you mobilize your assemblies to pray as well?
Haiti is in dire distress. Due to multiple problems in the country, blockades of burning tires have been set up inside and outside town to hinder any form of transportation. Also, all businesses, banks, schools, gas stations, and markets have shut down due to the increasing violence. An assassination attempt has already been made on the life of the President, but the culprit who donned a police uniform was apprehended. There is mass corruption. Due to generations of corruption and millions of dollars that went missing through a petro deal with Venezuela, thousands of Haitians have taken to the streets to force the President out of office. There are many levels of wickedness at play here. The folks setting up the blockades and wreaking havoc on this country. Along with this is the constant rise on the prices of everything from rice to sugar. The Haitian gourde is 83 gds. to $1,00 US. 83 divided by 5 gives you $16.60. It takes almost $17 Haitian dollars to equal $1 US. Please check out the links on our website if you’d like to read more.
For ourselves, we have not left the compound for 7 days. We are now on our last drum of diesel fuel which keeps the generator running (our only source of electricity and internet.) So, I wanted to write this letter today to inform you of our situation here. Decades of plundering government coffers are finally coming home to roost. We ask you to pray for an end to this strike, but also for righteousness to reign in this troubled country. We believe this is the reason we have been brought here: to train up tomorrow’s leaders TODAY. But, we can’t do it if the schools are shut down. We are working at every level to produce Godly leaders for the next generation. Speaking of leaders…
Leaders in Training
Our friend, Pastor Mike Henningan, travels on mission trips to Niger, West Africa. He and Rehoboth Ministries teamed up to gift their Bible school students with the same 4-year program that is used in our Bible Institute. This is our way of sowing into World Missions and we are thrilled to know that we play a part in training up Godly leaders in other countries around the world as well.
Neighborhood of Sainte-Philomène
As if the problems throughout the country were not enough to deal with, two gangs in our neighborhood warred against each other firing guns and throwing rocks and bottles today. One young man was hit in the head and they were seen dragging him off. It’s rumored that he died and we’ve been told the factions will probably come out to fight again this evening. It’s pretty disconcerting when one has to sit in the dark due to no electricity and hear gunfire and breaking bottles right outside our gate. Pray for protection and peace in our neighborhood as well.
Thank you for your dedication to us and to this work. Thank you also for your coveted prayers.
In Christ,
Pritchard & Dana