Thank you so much servant of God, for your video message that you sent to me. Really it was a blessing and anointing one. And it captured me. Hallelujah and Amen!!!!!!!
Through our almighty and peaceful God, l believe that it’s God that brought us together for a good purpose!!  Thank you once again for asking me to let know how to pray for us all here.
Allow me please to let you know our prayer requests for us here.
  1. PLEASE COME to VISIT: making a humble prayer request to our father that He may touch your hearts and opens for you heavenly doors of blessings to allow you and your entire team one day to come and fellowship with us in our church and see the work that we are doing. ( as the book of Matthew 28:19–20 says )  We shall even organize a seminar or conference for 2 days in May 2019.
  2. BIBLES: Many of our church members don’t have enough bibles.  I ask you and your entire team to join us in prayer God to provide so that they may have his own bible.
  3. ORPHANS: I ask you please in a humble prayer request to lift these orphans in your prayers
    • That God meets their needs for food, clothing, nice blankets, and mosquito nets.
    • We ask you also to pray for these orphans to God almighty that one day we shall be able to establish a safe and secure compound to bring these orphans to stay together a place to call their home. This would enable them to receive tender care and the loving support they need it, but we trust in God we believe that He will never fail or forsake us. Therefore we have Faith, that it has been approved and funded from our father from above.  I will appreciate to hear from you man of God.
   Many blessings,
Pastor Fred.