I  have been praying for a widow and for her children since 2016. She is in Karachi, Pakistan. Her young son died in the accident just before marriage. After that her husband died. Someone gave that widow my phone number. I interceded to the Lord for her. She was scared and believed that her family is under bondage. I kept praying on phone for her and her kids. Her two children, son and daughter were unmarried. She was afraid that it might happen accident again to her youngest son before marriage as it happened to the elder son. I decreed and declared in the name that is above every other name. I prayed that this time devil won’t be able to touch her children in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. No more death before time. People would come to her home see her daughter, they wanted lto marry her but as soon as they would leave home, they would reject her purposal.
I sought Lord Jesus to intervene in these matters. Holy Spirit intervened in their lives. Both son and daughter got married. Last year on her daughter’s marriage Lord helped her with 10,000 Rs through my parents. I prayed again now both the widow’s daughter and daughter in law are pregnant.
This widow got sick because of blood pressure and heart problem and was on complete bed rest for one year. I kept praying in fasting for her. Lord healed her. Now she can walk and do her own works. All the glory be to God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Amen.
She is asking me to pray again. She was crying for eye glasses. I prayed to God for provision. I prayed for a family. They gave me the exact amount, for which I I was asking to the Lord to buy her eye glasses. Thank you CMM for your help in this matter.
God bless you
Yours faithfully
Sajjad Masih