God knows whenever Lord ordered me to help churches, Pastors, widows, orphans and needy and I said to Him I am ready Lord.
Today I want to share about Malaysia. I came to Malaysia in  2014. God bless Malaysia because I am living on this land. I came alone because I couldn’t afford to bring my wife, at the time. I wanted to know about the culture, circumstances, rules and regulations, law and people of this country. I have seen a very tough time. I worked in different restaurants and cafes. I was doing a respectable job as a teacher in Pakistan but here I had to work low profile, less paid jobs for survival.
I prayed and fasted for the arrangements to bring my wife. My parents had some savings for my youngest sister’s marriage but they helped me with that money and my wife joined me. That same year in 2018 Lord gave us very precious gift my Son Israel John after 11 years.
In 2015 I was working in a cafe but the owner terminated me because I didn’t eat pork and seafood which is not allowed by God. I joined The Redeemed Christian Church of God in 2015. I requested by the ministry to go to seminary. But they have their own procedure system. So, I started a church I did all the work of church myself. Pakistanis and Indians were drawn to my church. The Lord used me mightily for His glory. There were miracles and healing happening in the church.
Jobless people were getting jobs, people were getting visas. Getting a visa is very difficult because agents are fraudulent, either you lose your money or passport both. Through our prayers, the Lord intervened in the lives of barren women. They got the fruit of the womb. Sickness, diseases left people. All the glory be to God.
I worked hard to grow spiritually. I don’t remember now how many times I fasted for 72 hrs without eating and drinking. I fasted for 4 days and nights without eating and drinking.  I fasted for 7 days and nights without eating and drinking. I fasted for 21 days. I also fasted for 65 days and nights that were fasting that I won’t go near my wife for 65 days. Again I was in the fasting of 21 days and nights I didn’t touch my wife. My wife also fasted with me. We didn’t eat desirable food for 21 days. I continue to fast two days weekly to obey the will of God. God did amazing things in my life.
I kept praying and fasting the Lord’s mercy and grace in my life. I love the USA because it is the main supporter of Israel.
Preaching is strictly prohibited in Malaysia. You can worship in the church freely but not allowed in public. Lord help us!