Things are tough in Tanzania.
  1. PRAYERS: We need your prayers for support protection and to break all curses that have been spoken against me, my spouse and children, (Esther Kitundu my wife, children, Kalebu Yohana, Enoka Yohana, Isaka Yohana, Godfrey Yohana.) Please pray for protection from any harmful demonic or any other physical or mental attacks.
  2. HARVEST MISSIONS: Pray for a ministry to be a part of the great harvest that we know is coming. We are now preparing for a harvest of one million souls by mobilizing missions, training missions and sending missions, please pray for the provision needed to carry out these missions as well. Each person that makes a decision to receive Christ, receives a follow-up booklet that explains their decision and will help them know what to do so they can grow in Christ.
  3. WATER WELL: We want to drill a well to provide clean drinking  water, we will need to purchase a drilling machine and all related equipment to drill water wells.
  4. ORPHANAGE: We are developing an orphanage in Tanzania and want to include a facility to train orphans in various trades, handcraft and computers that making it an even more effective project into the future.
Thank you