My full name is, Pastor Jackson Krejci, born 31-years ago to now Pastor Moses and Ruth Kerejji the founders of Destiny Worship Center Ministries Uganda.


I was born 31-years ago as a pre-mature, born into a very poor family in total poverty. My mother Ruth was left to die on the floor by doctors and nurses of the regional hospital since my father Moses didn’t have money to clear hospital bills. My father left to go and look for money to pay the bills. A lady named Elizabeth, I call her an angel, came from nowhere and ordered that my mother who was six and a half months pregnant and in total pain to be carried to the operating room. She would pay the bills. After an hour, the operation was a success and into this world, I came at six and a half months. I didn’t even measure 1kg, having a lot of hair all over my face and they tell me even when I cried, my voice was never heard but only tears rolled down my cheeks.

It was 1988  and my mother says that many healthy babies died in the hospital. For some reason the other mothers wished me dead, instead of their healthy babies, it’s when the doctor advised that they should take me to a safe place, otherwise they would strangle me. I was then taken away and grew up to 9 months. That is how I survived death as a toddler, so as I grew up, my late grandfather pastor Elizebelli  Kato of Tororo Pentecostal Assemblies of God church told my mother and father to bring me up in the fear of the Lord. I was called to serve the Lord after he died.

So they left me to stay with my uncle currently the Bishop of Pentecostal Assemblies of God Churches in Tororo and Busia districts, after my primary school, I moved on and stayed with pastor Solomon Kato who was a good friend of my late grandfather.

After secondary school, I decided to join the Bible college since it’s the only thing my heart desired, I wanted to serve the Lord, after my first year at Bible college, I never had money to continue, so it’s he that I went back to serve with my father.

I now serve as lead ministry pastor, head of children’s ministry since I love the children dearly. This is my second year as a lead pastor.

I would also take this opportunity to request you to kindly think of opening up CCM World Missions in Uganda if it’s not here yet, we have 8 acres of land that God blessed us with and not currently developed. We would like to partner with CMM world missions to set up offices here and rest we can do other projects since I would love our ministry to be part of your ministry as we serve together.

I send love from Uganda Destiny Worship Center Ministries, Namutumba Uganda.

Pastor Jackson kerejji
Destiny worship center minstries