If there are more churches and more Christians in the world today than at any time in history, then why are so many nations still overrun with poverty and corruption or moral and spiritual decay? 

Join us for an 8-part study on Facebook Live to explore how we, as followers of Jesus, can unknowingly let the “yeast” of our own cultures influence the way that we live.  Let God’s truth set you free to experience personal fruitfulness and impact your community.

We will be using The Worldview of the Kingdom of God by Darrow Miller, Bob Moffitt, and Scott Allen as a guide to help us recognize the filter that we use to see the world.  We will compare these filters to the true perspective of God- a perspective that transforms our lives and our world.

Join us!

Facebook Live @CMMWorldMissions

Every Thursday starting from July 26 to September 13

From 8-9pm EST

Topics Include: 

  • What is a Worldview?
  • Worldviews at Work in the World
  • The Truth about Ultimate Reality
  • A Biblical Look at Humanity
  • The Glory of Creation
  • The Meaning of History
  • The ABCs of Culture
  • Putting on the Biblical Worldview

Please email officecmm@gmail.com to register or for more information.