What a difference a year makes.
Just one year ago, ten-year old Emmanuel Odei was desperate. He often spent days and nights in the jungle looking for food before returning to the bare cement hut that he called home. Painfully withdrawn, this orphan boy and his brother and sisters had no hope for the future.

But on Christmas Eve 2010, Emmanuel and his siblings Solomon, Rosamond, and Rose were rescued by Agape Children’s Home. Now, one year since being brought to ACH, the change in these four children is miraculous. Physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually, Emmanuel and his siblings continue to grow and improve. Love has changed their lives! For these four children, a year has made all the difference in the world. No one would know from looking at her today that just a year ago little Rosamond was isolated and withdrawn.

On Sunday mornings, three-year old Rosamond is one of the loudest singers in the children’s church. During the week she can often be found in the preschool classroom, eager to try to learn just like her older friends. Five-year-old Solomon came to ACH with a stomach swollen from hunger and a heart starving for love. Now his mischievous smile can be seen every day as he plays and laughs with the other children. He has a new found love for learning, especially in math class, and often asks his preschool teacher for extra assignments. Seven-year old Rose has a mother’s heart. She is gentle and considerate and likes to help the younger children in their work. Rose’s teacher says she works very diligently in her school and hopes one day to become a nurse, an opportunity she never had a year ago. Emmanuel arrived at ACH traumatized by the harsh life he had experienced. Although still shy, he now plays with the other children and loves to share anything he has with a friend. Emmanuel has learned to engage in simple daily routines, such as dressing himself. He has memorized several Bible verses and has started reading – quite an accomplishment for a boy who knew no English just one year ago.

Just as love has given hope to Emmanuel and his siblings, love continues to touch the city of Accra through Agape House New Testament Church. This year hundreds have been saved and baptized at Agape House. The saving power of Jesus Christ continues to transform lives and break the bondages of sin. People from many nations now worship with us, and the exponential growth we’ve experienced this year is truly a testimony to God at work. In addition to the numerical and spiritual growth at Agape House, God has also blessed us this year with our own building at AgapeLand! After four years in rented hotel banquet halls, it’s fantastic to have complete freedom of worship in our own building. Best of all, we now have adequate room to keep growing. As Agape House reaches the lost for Christ, we have a vision of a city and a nation transformed by God’s love.

Your support this year has made an eternal impact for the Kingdom of God! It is through your prayers and giving that we bring God’s love to children like Emmanuel. And your support for our ministry has also impacted thousands of lives at Agape House New Testament Church.