“Now We Know Love” – Stories from Agape Children’s Home
“My friends are Gifty, Abigail, Bernice, Erica, Christina, Ruth, Judy, Sharon, Lydia, Serwah, Aunty Gloria….” Seven year- old Priscilla Dornu is enthusiastically reeling off her list of friends. Sitting in an office at the Home, she’s bursting at the seams, eager to talk about life. Her petite frame can barely contain her excitement as she springs to her
Priscilla and her eleven year-old brother Prince came to the Home back in May of 2009.

Rescued from a life of begging on the streets for crumbs and coins, the children are now thriving. Having lost their biological parents at a very young age, Prince and Priscilla were taken in by their aunts. But without even enough to care for their own children, the aunts soon sent Prince and Priscilla onto the streets to fend for themselves.

The children, who have two other siblings that are also both in care, did not once attend school. Their future seemed bleak until officers from the Department of Social Welfare intervened and placed them at Agape Children’s Home. The future to them is simply too exciting to reflect on the horrors of the past.

“I want to be a school prefect when I’m older,” Priscilla announces. Meanwhile, her brother sits quietly in the corner observing her show. In comparison to his sister, Prince is very shy. He doesn’t give away much, a common result of past insecurity. He whispers to one member of staff that he had never heard the word love until he came to Agape Children’s Home. The shocking discovery goes a long way in explaining his suspicion of people. But it doesn’t take long for Prince to open up, sharing with you his dream of one day being a soccer player. It seems this little boy wants to let his feet do the talking in the future. And with the continued guidance and love of the Agape family, his true potential – whether on the soccer field or not – will surely be realised.

Dramatic Rescue Brings Hope
Hour after hour Kelvin Amuzu would stand statue-like in a corner of his room. The three year-old toddler would occasionally sit in solitude at length before rising again. He didn’t play, he didn’t speak. His skinny body bore bruises from head to toe. Before his rescue both of his legs were broken following an accident, yet no one took him to the doctor for treatment.

The daily abuse and neglect was set to continue, but thankfully God stepped in and brought the three year-old to the attention of an Agape staff member. Cornelius Yeboah, a driver for the ministry, lived in the same neighborhood as Kelvin. The little boy’s constant state of deprivation worried Cornelius who set about finding the mother responsible for him.

“Any time I saw Kelvin, he was always standing in one place or sitting down in one place for hours at a time” said Cornelius. “He looked very skinny and I rarely saw him eat. There was Kelvin playing on the new swingset. He is a joyful boy!
Concern for the little boy’s welfare meant that Cornelius often visited him.
“One day,” said Cornelius, “I went to the house to find Kelvin’s legs were swollen. Allegedly a huge loud speaker fell on his legs and nobody cared about
it. Immediately I went to speak to Reverend Whitcomb and asked if the Children’s Home could accept him in.”a woman with him in the house and I asked who the child’s mother was. She said the child did not have a mother.”

Remarkably when Cornelius was tracking down Kelvin’s mother, another woman who lived in their neighborhood identified the woman in Kelvin’s house as the mother. “Can you believe that the woman who told me that Kelvin’s mother was dead, was in fact his own mother?” asks Cornelius incredulously. To his mother, Kelvin was a pain, and pain was his living experience. Not surprisingly Kelvin’s mother agreed to give up her rights as his caregiver to Agape Children’s Home.

Kelvin is now three years of age. He is a robust, happy, and determined little boy. Unfortunately the broken leg has not set properly and now more orthopedic work will be required. Please pray that the right doctors can be found to help Kelvin and that God will give wisdom to them. Kelvin brings an instant smile to all faces. Not only is he himself filled with joy, but he gives it to everyone he meets. God has his hand upon this child. Both his survival and his arrival at the Agape Children’s Home are nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for your support and prayers for Kelvin. It indeed is a blessing to him.

Playground Set Brings Joy to the Children
When the drums beat signalling the start of break time, children can be seen racing to one end of the Agape Children’s Home grounds. The reason? To see who can be first to clamber onto the brand new, state-of-the-art playground set. The new playground, which could not have been made possible without your generosity, has proved to be popular. Brightly colored, the playground set is comprised of slides, ladders and monkey bars. It’s a welcome addition to the volleyball area and soccer field the children currently enjoy.
A big thank you to all who made this possible!