This is the latest report from John. We’re asking you to please continue to pray.

The upcoming week could be “make or break” for the current Haitian government. On Thursday, an ally of the administration announced that he was ready for “civil war” if the opposition did not come to the negotiating table and encouraged private citizens to take up arms. On Friday here in Cap-Haitien, unidentified assailants opened fire on a crowd of protesters, wounding 15 people. The attacks were blamed on a recent presidential appointee to the local government and have provoked back-and-forth reprisals between two neighborhoods that have continued for the last three days. To make matters more complicated, an opposition headquarters in the capital was attacked and one of its leaders was shot and killed by an unknown assailant. The opposition blames this on the government and has vowed revenge. Images are now circulating on social media with slogans like “Operation Find the President” (a reference to the fact that the president is not in the National Palace but has been moving between undisclosed locations for the last several days). If the president were to be assassinated, that would have serious ramifications and would almost certainly trigger a wave of political bloodletting. I’m not posting this to be alarmist (there’s a good chance that nothing significant will happen) but we need cooler heads to prevail. Those behind the shootings need to be caught and held accountable for their crimes. If you are a praying person, pray that those things would happen.